What Do You Do When You’re Not Sure If Your Neighbour Is Trying To Curse You.

Neighbours. Everybody has them. In land scarce Singapore, even the richest of us have to share space. The lucky ones have awesome neighbours. Kind, considerate…perhaps even thought of as family. That’s the type of neighbour everybody wants.

Then there’s the other side of the coin. The neighbours from Hell. The anti-neighbourly neighbour. The ones that make your life a living hell.

In this case though…I’m actually not sure which is it.


According to the poster, Jun Hoshino, the thing (is it even right to label it an altar?) was placed under her window, with the neighbours claiming it’s for Feng Shui. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s supposed to bring in good luck and take out bad luck for those involved.


I’m no practitioner of Feng Shui so I’m not an expert but I’ve never heard of a Feng Shui practice where you put effigies and a small coffin outside somebody’s home. As far as I know, Feng Shui only affects the practitioner’s property, not somebody else’s.

It’s not me that’s confused either. Commenters on Jun’s post are puzzled too, with nobody sure of what’s actually going on. Most seem to agree on one thing though; that this isn’t Feng Shui.

Perhaps the neighbour’s out to get Jun and this is some elaborate black magic juju? Or maybe there’s a more benign reason for all of this.

I don’t know but I’d be creeped out (even if the reason is good) if a neighbour of mine did something similar.

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