PSLE Results Are Out. Please Remember To Treat Your Kids Right.

It’s a common (and all too accurate) criticism that in Singapore, paper qualifications matter more than the person. While PSLE results might not matter much in the long run, it’s still the key to getting into preferred secondary schools. Like it or not, not all schools are created equal. It’s a sad fact but it is what it is.

All too often though, in the pursuit of getting great results, we forget what’s been sacrificed to get there. We’ve all been there at one point too. I remember taking my PSLE back in the 90s.

I also remember not giving a hoot. Sure, I knew it was an important exam but my family had made it clear waaaaaaaaaaaay beforehand that no matter how I did, they’d be fine with the results if it meant I’d done my best.

I did pretty well for my PSLEs and got into the school I wanted but I never forgot how my family took the pressure off me in a time when every other kid that I knew was losing it.

Please remember to take it easy on the kids if they flub up their PSLEs.

It doesn’t matter if they’re heading over to Express or Normal Technical. If they’ve tried their best, whatever they get is good enough. No need to berate, shame or take out your frustrations on them.

PSLE (or any other examination result) won’t dictate what their life will be like. Many of the world’s most successful people aren’t even tertiary graduates. Some aren’t even secondary school graduates.

Here’s a good example.

PSLE results

Whatever they get, if they did their best and you’ve supported them as best you can, be at peace with it. PSLE results are insignificant compared to the rest of life’s achievements.

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