RailRouter SG Lets You Know Which Crowded MRT Stations To Avoid.

It really doesn’t need to be said that crowds should be avoided at all times. That’s a great rule to follow at any time, but it’s especially true now that Covid-19 is in the picture. What’s always crowded? MRT stations. Enter RailRouter SG to help.

Don’t you wish you have something to tell you when a station’s crowded so you can avoid it?

Somebody at LTA must have been wishing the same thing, because there’s now a legit way to find out with station’s packed so you can avoid it. No more risking your health to enter an MRT station that might be packed with potential Covid-19 carriers.

Just head on over to RailRouter SG to give it a shot.

RailRouter SG

See those orange circles at Buona Vista and Paya Lebar? Those circles signify that the two stations are jam packed with people. In order words? Avoid dropping (or meeting up with somebody) there if possible.

Yeah, it might be an inconvenience as these are interchanges but a little bit of annoyance is worth it if you can avoid Covid-19 right? Especially if you’re not vaccinated…you really don’t want to catch the virus if you can avoid it.

RailRouter SG isn’t a one hit wonder too. There’s another cool bit of tech hiding in it.

All you need to do is zooooooom all the way in and click on a station.

RailRouter SG

See what happens when I click on Bugis?

It brings up a cool 3D view of the area, showing where the station exits are, a bit of info about the station and best of all, the arrival times of MRT trains. If you’re rushing, this is a damn invaluable piece of info!

I hope the next update to RailRouter SG brings with it a way to check toilet availability at each MRT station. I know I’ve needed it a couple of times in the past!

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