You’re Free To Worship But Please Don’t Saboh Others.

Most of us live in communal housing in Singapore. Sure, we’d like to have our own landed property, but the reality is we can’t afford it. At least not with Singapore’s insanely expensive housing prices.

In light of that, it’s also why we all need to be understanding and mindful of each other.

Whether you’re Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any of the many religions in Singapore, it’s imperative to have an open mind (and also one that thinks about other people) when you’re living in a HDB.

For the religions that require daily worship at a shrine, it’s no issue…not unless you go overboard.

There’s a reason the corridors in HDBs are called common corridors. Everybody uses them. Nobody has a monopoly.

Placing a giant shrine and forcing everybody to skirt around it? That’s the definition of monopoly.


Not to mention a dangerous fire hazard.

Look, nobody is saying you can’t worship according to your religion. It’s fine! All religions have their own way of showing devotion. Understandable. Just do it sensibly and in a way that doesn’t inconvenience or endanger anybody else.

Having a huge shrine is a double combo of public inconvenience and endangerment. What if it catches fire? That’s going to spread into the nearby unit for sure. It’s also going to create a wall of flame for any residents fleeing in that direction!

How would you feel if something you placed outside your house caused the death of a whole family? That would be really bad, yeah? The guilt you’ll bear.

The bottom line is this: Want to do something that your religion requires? Cool, do it. If it affects others though, no need to go overboard. Just doing it in moderation is fine. I’m sure the deity you’re praying to will understand why.

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