Singapore Netizens Want Raeesah Khan Punished For What She’s Done.

Raeesah Khan has committed the cardinal sin; lying in Parliament.

I’ve already written about how she needs to be punished and then banished to the shadows and it seems like I’m not the only one who’s out for her head.

I’ve read a ton of posts regarding her lie on Facebook and the sentiments are nearly unanimous; Singaporeans want her punished and then banished from politics.

…to put it mildly.

People demanding she relinquish her role as MP are numerous and I suspect the numbers will grow even more in the next few days.

Not surprising, given how audacious her actions were and how it went against everything an MP should stand for.

Netizens are questioning everything Raeesah’s ever done, which means that not only is she bringing down the holy wrath of Singaporeans on her head, she’s also dragged in The Worker’s Party.

Many are asking for the party to ditch Raeesah as soon as possible.

The longer they hold on to that ticking time bomb, the worse their reputation’s going to be. With the fickle nature of Singaporeans, I’m inclined to believe that some people might actually jump ship from the party to another opposition party if this issue’s not rectified pronto.

Within the maelstrom of those braying for Naeesah’s head, there’s a very tiny (and deluded) minority who think that the woman should be forgiven for her actions.

No, I’m not joking.

There really are people other there who think so!

It takes a special kind of person to say that what Raeesah did is OK. They seem to forget though that she only came clean because the police investigations were on to her. That’s the only reason she ran out in front of the bus.

Not for some misguided sense of morality or guilt, but to do damage control and to hopefully salvage the pitiful remains of her career. Fat hope of that happening me thinks.

A couple of Netizens are calling out Pritam Singh, the Worker’s Party leader. As leader, he’s supposed to take charge in situations like this.

However, as the hours pass with no decisive action taken many wonder if Pritam is refusing to take action.

It’s an open secret that many think he’s gone to ground, hoping to ride out the heat like a ostrich with its head underground.

Singh is widely suspected by Netizens to be indebted to the Khan’s father, through donations that he supposedly gave to the Worker’s Party in exchange for giving Naeesah a spot on the team.

Sounds outlandish right?

Think it’s something I just made up?


It’s all hearsay and there’s been no definite proof that it’s anywhere near the truth, but rumors have a hard time dying down when nothing’s done to squelch them.

Putting aside the rumors of her buying her way into the party via daddy’s coffers, one of the biggest questions on Netizens’ minds are of trust.

Specifically, how we can even trust anything that’s Naeesah says, will say and have said.

One lie has thrown into doubt every single thing that’s come out of her mouth, even her claim that she was sexually assaulted when she was 18.

Personally, I too have trouble believing her especially given that she’s not provided any proof.

While it might be hard to think that anybody would lie about being sexually assaulted, this is coming from the same person who lied in Parliament.

In that context, everything is suddenly fair game.

Singlehandedly, Raeesah Khan has destroyed any goodwill she might have garnered from her advocating women’s causes. Even AWARE has publicly spoken out against her, accusing her of setting back their cause due to her actions.

It’s still early days in this scandal and I doubt anybody can tell what’ll happen in the next few days. What’s clear to anybody is that this firestorm is not going to die down anytime soon, especially with WP’s Pritam Singh running and hiding instead of doing damage control.

One thing’s for sure though, the PAP will NEVER let any voter forget about Raeesah Khan in the next few elections.

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