Raeesah Khan Is A Stain On Singapore’s Honour.

raeesah khan

I don’t have anything against Raeesah Khan. I don’t really care about the policies she advocated but respected them enough that I’ve no opinions about her personally.

That is until now.

For those of you still in the dark, Raeesah Khan recently admitted that she lied in Parliament about an incident that allegedly involved her, a rape victim and the police.

Problem was, it was all hearsay.

The rape victim never involved Raeesah and all the BS she spouted came from indirect sources. She weaseled her way into the damn story for reasons only known to herself. Was it to make her seem more important? Or more likely, to further her own warped political agenda?

The second I found out that she’s a damn liar, my opinion of her changed…and not for the better.

Look I get it, politicians lie all the damn time. We see it on TV, we see it in international news…but we rarely, if ever, see it in Singapore. Maybe it’s because of that fact that I hold our politicians to a higher standard.

A standard that Raeesah Khan has willfully lowered with her actions.

How do you look your constituents in the damn eye and smile knowing you’ve been pulling shit out of your ass to create a stir? What are we? The United States now?

Have our standards dropped so much that we’re allowing somebody who speaks falsehoods a hand in governing? Worse yet, to represent us, the people of Singapore.

Are we a nation of liars?

Not only did Raeesah Khan lie, she pulled in the police and implicated them in an accident that. Even worse, it’s about sexual assault, one of the holiest of holies!

Holy shit! People have gone to jail for lesser crap than this!

This is US Politician level bullshit that we’re dealing with here. She should be censured and then investigated whether she broke any criminal laws. If she has, throw the damn book at her.

Raeesah Khan should be ashamed of herself.

She is now the worst type of pariah; a politician who’s been caught abusing the trust the public have placed in her. Worse still, she has single handedly thrown into contention everything she’s ever said and done.

If she can lie in Parliament about this, who’s to say she hasn’t lied before? Or will lie again in the future?

Her claim to be a victim herself of a sexual assault? I’m not inclined to believe it one bit without evidence.

We all got hoodwinked with her lie the first time around, no way I’m trusting anything that comes out of her mouth from now on without proof and verification from independent sources.

Her credibility as a politician is shot and her days of serving us should be over.

Go back to whence you came Miss Khan. Singapore ill needs a politician such as you.

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