Why I Think Grab Priority Delivery Is Discrimination Against Everybody Who Won’t Pay Extra.

If you use Grab to deliver your food, chances are you’ve noticed a very interesting new ‘Feature’ that the company’s recently (as in the past few months) introduced. It’s called Grab Priority Delivery.

For an added fee, you can get Grab to prioritize your food delivery.

Grab Priority Delivery

Take a break and let that sink in for a moment. You pay more money to get your food first. Screw those who don’t pay more.

Are you serious with this crap, Grab?

You’re telling me that if somebody pays you extra money to get their food first, I’m suddenly a less valuable customer?!

It doesn’t matter if my order goes in first, somebody else who paid more than me just gets to cut the damn queue because they offered to pay you extra by opting to use the Grab Priority Delivery option.

Is my patronage suddenly worth less to Grab because I don’t pay more?

Holy crap!

You guys at Grab must really hold us in disdain huh?

It’s worth it for you guys to bilk out some extra cash at the expense of the people who won’t pay extra? With all the talk about discrimination out there right now, I’m damn surprised Grab’s not under fire for this practice.

We’re already paying markup prices for most food deliveries on Grab, on top of the delivery and service fees.

Now, you expect us to pay even more to get food delivery priority? Whatever happened to being a customer friendly company? Why the hell aren’t you implementing a tiered service like you do for your transportation service?

I’m not going to get pissed because a Platinum member gets their food faster because they obviously use your service more. Of course, preferred customers get some perks.

Priority Delivery is available to every Tom, Dick and Harry, which means anybody can just cut in queue. That is seriously a slap to the face of other customers.

Here’s an idea, Grab.

Instead of milking your customers for a few extra dollars, why not hire more riders? Everybody wins then!

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