How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Try To Escape (And Hurt)A Traffic Police Officer?

The correct (and only) answer to the question is massively. This is the type of stupid that you hear about only once in a blue moon. A monumentally idiotic move coming from a Grade-A idiot. I mean, you just don’t mess with a Traffic Police officer like Senior Staff Sergeant Haidil Bin Osman (or any type of authority figure).

Unless you’re a Westerner who’s been raised with ‘free speech, freedom and apple pie’ (and look how that country’s turned out), everybody else knows that when an authority figure (especially a police officer) tells you to pull over and stop, you better damn well do it.

It doesn’t matter that you think you didn’t do anything wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re late for a job interview. It just doesn’t matter. You get an order to pull over, you do it.

Apparently, an idiot who (somehow) managed to get a driving license here thought he/she was above the law because when Traffic Police Officer Senior Staff Sergeant Haidil Bin Osman told them to do just that, their action was to floor it.

Take a moment to think about how stupid you have to be to try to escape a Traffic Police Officer on a bike while you’re in a car. Are Singaporean streets ever clear of traffic that a car can easily slip away from a bike?

Even if you do, cameras are everywhere now!

You think the police bike doesn’t have one? The Traffic Police Officer also probably wears one. Don’t forget about the cameras on the dashboards of other cars. Passersby too!

How exactly do you think you can escape from them?

To compound their initial act of stupidity, the idiot driver chose to go all in and try to injure Traffic Police Officer Senior Staff Sergeant Haidil Bin Osman. Yup, they thought they could escape by reversing over the bike (and injuring the officer).

Great idea bro. Why not add more charges right?

Thankfully Senior Staff Sergeant Haidil Bin Osman didn’t suffer any major injuries, though his bike did get dinged.

This great piece of news was brought to us by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim.

The idiot offender?

They got caught of course! This isn’t Hollywood and our cops aren’t incompetent! Let that be a lesson to all you potential traffic offenders. Just chillax, talk to the officer who stopped you and work things out.

Trying to escape will only get you a longer stay at Changi.

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