Is NTU Showing That It Thinks Muslims Are Second Class Citizens?

NTU Confessions is always a good place to get a peek into what students of the University think, the issues they’re having and to generally get a pulse of what’s happening in the place. Recently, it looks like what’s happening is an ignorance for the plight of Muslims who are studying at there.

As claimed by a post on NTU Confessions, there’s been a serious dearth of Halal stores in the school’s cafeterias.

According to one of the posters, one of the cafeterias (Northspine, which I assume is at the North of the campus?) has zero Muslim food.

The others? Only a token handful.

Considering NTU’s sprawling campus, running around like a beggar looking for something to eat is hardly a practical solution. You’d be fit as hell, but probably really hungry too!

Are Muslim students supposed to drop everything at the beginning of a break and make a mad dash for the nearest Halal stall (that isn’t fast food) and hope for the best?

That’s incredibly stupid!

Word is, Muslim and even Chinese students, have been voicing their issues to the management, to no avail. That just stinks of incompetence or worse, simply not caring enough to do anything about it.

How much do you want to bet that those in charge aren’t Muslims?

It’s something that’s been pointed out in another NTU Confessions post, though this time by a Chinese student.

The fact that even somebody who doesn’t need to eat Halal food can highlight the issue should give you an inkling about how bad it is. You don’t need to be Muslim to empathize.

What’s also telling is that while some Chinese are supportive, there are others who think it’s a non-issue.

Apparently, getting Muslim stalls for Muslims to eat is a joking matter to these people. Muslims pay the same fees as Chinese people, but are getting shortchanged.

Instead of banding together with their fellow students, empathizing with their legitimate issues, these people chose instead to make light of their situation.

These are the people who will be potential leaders of industry (maybe even government) in Singapore in the future.

Think about it for a moment.

Scary huh? Especially if you’re a minority.

Let’s hope that NTU wakes up to the plight of its Muslim students and make the necessary changes. Hopefully, that’ll show those who make light of the issues that they were in the wrong to be so dismissive.

Hell, maybe they’ll even be more emphatic in the future.

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