Muslim Nurses Can Wear The Tudung But There’s A Snag.

Remember all the controversy over the option for Muslim nurses to wear the tudung? We did a lot of coverage about it after all. Some people say can, some people say cannot. Some people don’t care.

When the news came done from the Big Kahuna himself that the tudung was an option for nurses it was pretty much the same. Some people said yay, some people said nay. Some people didn’t care.

Now that we’re closed to the implementation of that option, there are clearer regulations on what nurses have to do if they choose to wear the tudung.

Their hands should be free of jewelry or clothing up to the elbows. While technically it’s forbidden in Islam for females to bare their arms, this time it’s fine due to the Fatwa issued by MUIS.

As those who wear tudung are more observant of religious conventions, a Fatwa has to be issued here.

A Fatwa is a religious decree handed down from Muslim leaders. In this case, it’s for an exemption for Muslim nurses to bare their arms at work. Traditionally, exposing their arms (or aurat as it’s known) isn’t allowed in Islam, especially if you choose to wear the tudung.

Not allowing lengthy clothing isn’t an insult or anything. It’s a largely practical matter (and not some unhappy party making things hard for nurses) as it’ll prevent snags and/or dirty clothing from interacting with patients.

It’s in fact the standard in most countries that allow Muslims nurses to wear tudung as well so it’s really no surprise it’s adopted here.

Weirdly, there’s no word on standardizing the tudung for Muslim nurses, though I expect that’s incoming. It’d be a shame for some overzealous nurses to take advantage of the new regulation and wear something totally outlandish.

For now, Muslim nurses can wear anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with their medical duties.

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