Discrimination Against The (Eligible) Unvaccinated? You Brought It On Yourselves.

I just wrote yesterday about Calvin Cheng and how he spoke out against the unvaccinated (who are eligible for vaccinations) that are putting undue strain on the country’s resources. These scum are risking everybody else because of their stupid and selfish natures.

I’m not mincing my words, I’m calling it as it is because I’m sick of seeing our overworked healthcare workers taking care of fools who should know better. I’m sick of masking up, suspicious of everybody around me.

We’ve been giving them the carrot for too long, and they never bothered to bite. It’s now time to bring out the big ass stick.

I just don’t understand why some people are still talking about handling the unvaccinated with kid gloves.

Like this post from the ST Forums.

Talking to the unvaccinated? Use evidence to convince them of their folly?

What bullshit. Even Redditors think so.

The unvaccinated are the same people who are taking Ivermectin thinking it’ll save their worthless asses. These are the same people who, when presented with evidence that Ivermectin is dangerous, choose to believe their delusions instead.

Data showing the efficiency of the vaccines have been around for months and yet they still won’t budge. What does that tell you?

They are dangerous, delusional and a threat to not only themselves but the rest of society.

When leeches latch on, you don’t let them continue to feed and drain you dry. You take measures measures to get them off. That’s the same thing here.

We should be taking even more measures against the eligible unvaccinated! Firing unvaccinated from their jobs is a damn fine start but it’ll not be enough. We need harsher penalties as well!

While I definitely agree that we shouldn’t discriminate against the unvaccinated (those who can’t get the jab), I wholeheartedly think that the eligible unvaccinated should be given no quarter.

The time for sweet talking is over and I’m sick of pandering to these useless few who are dragging the rest of us vaccinated down.

They don’t want to play ball? Then we make them.

End of story.

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