Calvin Cheng Wants Mandatory Vaccinations For All Eligible Persons.

Calvin Cheng is back.

If you’re unfamiliar who that is, head on over his Wikipedia page. Long story short, he’s an ex-NMP who likes to talk nonsense and stir controversy with his views.


This time though, this time I kind of agree with him.

calvin cheng

I also think it’s time for the eligible population here to get jabbed, whether they want to or not. It should be made mandatory. It might sound like a draconian measure, but it’s for the greater good.

As long as you’re eligible for vaccination, I really don’t see why you shouldn’t be forced to kow tow to the law. Your body is only yours when the consequences of your choice affects only you. That’s not the case here because this affects everybody in Singapore.

Calvin Cheng also makes another good point for why mandatory vaccinations are needed. The eligible holdouts are the conspiracy nuts, the incredibly selfish and the lazy. These are probably the fringes of society that scurry away at any sign of the law.

Let’s give them a reason to be afraid of the law then. Track them all done, jab them all. Resistance gets a free stay at Changi chalet AND you get jabbed.

Regulations only work when people listen. These people sure as hell don’t. Right now, because of them, Covid-19 cases are rising and our healthcare resources are being wasted on the unvaccinated.

Why should we take care of people who won’t listen to others? If they want medical care, make them pay for it. Let them see how good they’ve had it previously. Hit them where it hurts; the wallet.

Until the authorities man up and take the necessary steps to vaccinate those eligible who are unwilling, we’ll all be stuck suffering for their selfish choices. Where’s the damn justice in that?

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