Shirin Hamid To Become IMF’s Chief Information Officer, Will Head the IMF’s I.T. Department.

Talk about a complete surprise. If I had known that the IMF was looking for somebody to be their Chief Information Officer, I’d have applied! Unfortunately, that listing missed me and Shirin Hamid was there to capitalize.

No biggie!

Joking aside, congratulations to Shirin Hamid for beating out the whole damn world to net the prestigious position at the IMF. She’ll be assuming the duties of Ed Anderson, who left the post in June 2021. Weirdly, she’ll only be stepping into the role early next year. Maybe she needs time to psyche herself up or something?

If you were wondering what the IMF (no, it’s not the spy agency from the Mission: Impossible movies) does, no worries!

I got you covered fam.

This here is from Google.

Want to know more about the IMF? Here are some more tidbits…or as the IMF calls it, Fast Facts.

Shirin Hamid

Shirin Hamid’s appointment hasn’t gone unnoticed by Singaporeans too! Local news outlets (including us!) have caught wind of it and even (former) politicians like Amrin Amin are chiming in with their well wishes.

Shirin Hamid

While we probably won’t be feeling the effects of Shirin getting the job personally, at the very least we can be proud that somebody from this little dot beat out the whole wide world to net a damn prestigious job.

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