Why Are We Given Restrictions When Tourists Can Come In Via VTL?

Why is the VTL still ongoing?

Yesterday, the news broke that Singaporeans going to have to make do with the current restrictions till November 21 because our Covid-19 cases are getting out of hand.

That’s fine, I (like many other Singaporeans) don’t mind sacrificing for the benefit of everybody else. For the greater national good and to give our overworked healthcare professionals some breathing room.

Hell, I’m a major proponent for even more stringent measures! I’ve said it multiple time that those who flaunt restriction measures should get the damn rotan.

What pisses me off to no end is that we’re being imposed restrictions while the government’s still going full steam ahead to open up the country for tourists via the VTL travel agreement.

So what? We’re all to stay cooped up while we give free reign to foreigners to wander out streets, doing things we’re asked to not do?

How is that even fair? How is that even logical?!

The government claims it’s not flip-flopping on its strategies, that it’s doing all it can to stave off more people getting infected. Ok…if that’s so then what’s the point of the VTL flights?

Why are the VTL flights still coming in for tourists when we’re in another month of restrictions? How is the tourist money going to help the healthcare industry in any way if they just add to the burden?

Foreigners can’t spread Covid-19? Foreigners are somehow immune to Covid-19?

How does the miniscule amount of cash being brought in by people arriving on those flights justify us being slapped with restrictions when the whole point is supposed to be to ease the burdens on hospitals and healthcare? If they get sick here, don’t they add to the burden?!

I’m not alone in thinking this way.

A quick check on Facebook on posts that talk about the Nov 21 restrictions shows a ton of netizens thinking the same thing.

The government needs to realize that the citizens (who they’re supposed to serve) are pissed! Rightly so! You can’t have one hand doing something while the other hand does something completely detrimental to the other!

Those in charge need to listen to the voices on the ground and at the damn least postpone the VTL agreements till the situation here is under control.

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