Work Permit Holders Are Quarantined In Dirty, Drafty, Unsanitary Rooms!

We’ve all heard the tales by now right? How Singaporeans and those coming in the country are quarantined at luxury hotels while waiting to be declared virus free? Ever wondered then, why we don’t see the same for foreign workers on work permit from the dorms?

When I read the post by Min Chan, I thought it surely couldn’t be as bad as she said.

Then I saw the accompanying video…and that got me in her camp. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well this video’s worth much, much more.

Rooms without a door to keep out the rain, no privacy curtains between bunks, no blankets, only 2 washing machines to be used between all the occupants, toilets that look like they belong in the dark ages and worse of all, no safe distancing when it comes to gatherings.

It is abhorrent to say the least.

These are sick (or potentially sick) people that are being treated like prisoners.

Hell, I think Changi Prison has better conditions than these. I get that these people don’t really have the money (most of the work permit holders in facility seems to be in the construction industry) to put up in luxury accommodations and they’re not Singaporeans (who should always be given priority)…but surely those in charge can do much, much better than this.

From the lackadaisical attitude described in the post, to the issues with hygiene, to the terrifyingly hands-off approach to making sure living conditions were decent…it seems like we’ve learned nothing how to treat foreign workers properly.

Just shameful. Hopefully those in charge buck up and address these issues now that more people are being made aware of it.

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