Ivermectin And Religious Nutjobs Are Destroying Families.

In this age where information is readily available, some fools have taken it upon themselves to ‘research’ alternate forms of medication for COVID-19 that supposedly is being kept from the public by either Big Pharma, Big Religion, the Government, the Illuminati or a combination of the four. One of their favourite topics; Ivermectin and its allegedly wonderous ability to fight COVID-19.

What is Ivermectin?

It’s a veterinary medication. For humans, it’s used to treat parasitic infections.

Now ask yourselves, are you an animal? Probably not, though I reckon anti-vaxxers might qualify. Another thing, is COVID-19 a parasitic infection? Nope, it is not.

So it’s no on both counts.

Yet some people, under the guise of being religious, are saying otherwise. Using religion as cover, they attempt to spread (potentially dangerous) lies and deceit.

Case in point, the case of Vanessa Koh Wan Ling’s mother.

Vanessa’s mum was hoodwinked by two other women in her religious circle into taking Ivermectin. Now, she’s in hospital because taking the medication for something that it’s not supposed to be used for is adversely affecting her health.

Under the guise of piousness, these women (who Vanessa claims are called Judy Koh and Clara Ng) claimed that Ivermectin doesn’t go against Christianity. Not surprisingly, these assholes claim that mRNA vaccines are, because they mutate our DNA so that we’ll all get super powers or something down the road.

Since Jesus frowns upon humans who can shoot lasers out of their eyes or leap tall buildings in a single bound, it’s imperative that Vanessa’s mum either get the CCP vaccines or just double down on Ivermectin for all her COVID-19 busting needs.

I shit you not. Look at the crap both spout.

If anything needs to be POFMA’ed, these people should be at the damn front of the line.

Unfortunately, these idiots used Jesus instead of the regular political bullshit. If all else fails, right?

Look at Clara’s replies and you can clearly see this woman has gone batshit gonzo. She’s so far gone that if she sees Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan she’ll think Jesus is back. She’s bringing in the Freemasons (see? I told you that the Illuminati would come up) into this.

That’s the type of mouth frothing you usually see from people suffering from rabies. No normal (religious or not) person would be saying something like that.

Here we are all worrying about Islamic extremists when rabid fools like these are just as dangerous.

If you have family members starting to spout similar nonsense, please keep an eye on them. You do not want them to get ill like Vanessa’s mum (who we hope gets well soon) or worse, become like Judy Koh and Clara Ng and ruin the health of other people.

Educate them, be firm with them and worse comes to worse, don’t be afraid to get the authorities involved.

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