The Sedition Act Is Being Repealed, Netizens Misunderstand What That Means.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions and form your own opinions even when the truth is plain to see. That’s where all the conspiracy theories come from. Where all the fake news originate. Sometimes, people are too blind (or ignorant) to see what’s right in front of them. Like this time, when Parliament is considering repealing the Sedition Act.

The Sedition Act is this bad boy.

It’s basically a law that criminalizes seditious stuff like plotting rebellions and the like. Very bad juju that threatens society.

The plan is to repeal the law, not because it’s not needed but because there are already other laws which cover similar points the Sedition Act encompasses. It’s basically redundant at this point, and nixing it is at its simplest, housekeeping.

Think of it this way.

Why would you keep an old washing machine when the new one you just bought can do whatever the old one can AND much more? That’s pretty much is what’s happening here.

Unfortunately, some Netizens are unable (or unwilling) to understand this basic fact.

Some think that this will somehow allow the government (or K. Shanmugam in this case) to introduce new laws on the sly.

Unfortunately, if these people had bothered to read, they’d find out that no new law was being introduced or anything of the sort. It’s a repeal!

In case you don’t know what that means, here.

Does it say anywhere that a repeal is an alternate way of introducing new laws? Nope, a repeal is simply a revoking of a law that has outlived its purpose, which in this case is the Sedition Act.

Unfortunately, there are more Netizens out there who are unable to grasp basic English then you’d expect.

Here are some more who also completely miss the point of repealing the Sedition Act.

I have no idea why they’re trying to determine what’s a lawful interpretation of a law that’s soon to be repealed. There’s really no point to it.

Illogical they may be, but at least that’s on topic…some Netizens are talking about CECA instead.

Yeah bros, I understand.

CECA is on the top of the list of topics you want to bitch about. You and pretty much every one of us Singaporeans. It doesn’t mean this is the time or place for it though. The Sedition Act has no connection at all to CECA so why bring it up at all?

Is it because K. Shanmugam is Indian?

Then there’s this lone ranger who wanted to talk about the fact that we all need to clear tables at hawker centers now.

A bully law he calls it.

It seems like being a considerate person and exhibiting some table manners is a bully law. I don’t know which backward culture Ivan was raised in, but I was always taught to clear the table after eating.

I was taught that in Primary School, Secondary School and Polytechnic…and even NS. Which of those places allowed you to leave your dirty dishes at the table after your meal? NONE.

Obviously Ivan didn’t attend any of these if he’s unable to even clear and return trays. Even more so when he’s commenting about it in a post that has no relation to that law.

At least this guy has a positive spin on things…even if he misses the point of a repeal.

I don’t really see how repealing the Sedition Act is based off citizens actions at all…especially as the official statement has the reason for its repeal is that it’s now redundant.

Then there are these dudes, who have suggestions of laws they want to be introduced.

While I do agree with some points here, it still doesn’t change fact that these people have no idea what the repeal will entail. The government isn’t looking for laws to replace the Sedition Act or suggestions on what laws need amending.

You want to bring attention to the laws you want to amend?

Contact your MP. That’s how you effect change.

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