Netizens Outraged At Lim Beng Wei, Who Threw Pork Bones At Mosque.

Respect other religions. That’s ingrained into all of us in school, in various public campaigns and by our religions themselves. That’s why when somebody does something that goes against that, everybody with any shred of decency, empathy or common sense gets pissed. Just like in this case of a man (Lim Beng Wei) who threw pork bones at a mosque…and then claims he was defending himself from ghostly voices.

Let’s set the record straight first.

Lim Being Wei suffers from schizophrenia. No idea what that means?

We got your back bro.

Here’s the definition of it.

In the case of Lim Beng Wei, his form of schizophrenia seems to be auditory hallucinations about ghostly voices tormenting and attacking him. According to various sites, his claim to be a victim of the disease is genuine, as he has a record at IMH.

That’s why some Netizens are trying to placate the rest of the furious masses. They think he’s not accountable.

Blaming those with mental illness for their actions is uncool…if they’re unaware or unable to control themselves due to the illness. I had an uncle with dementia (who has sadly passed on) and while his actions hurt and angered my family greatly, at the end of the day we knew that he wasn’t to blame.

That’s not the case here at all,

What gets the goat of Netizens is that while he has a mental issue, his actions weren’t the result of them.

When assessed by a psychiatrist, the shrink remarked that while he was relapsing (due to him knowingly not taking his medication) at the time of the incidents, he was in total control of his actions.

Amazingly, despite the word of a trained psychiatrist, Lim Beng Wei has the cajones to claim that his actions were the results of ghostly spirits and him having to defend himself against them…which is utter bullshit.

You know what that makes Lim Beng Wei?

An asshole, a liar and a damn racist.

Netizens aren’t afraid to call him out on that.

Overwhelmingly, the response online isn’t sympathy for Lim Beng Wei. Netizens are calling him out on his bullshit left and right, saying that he’s playing the Mental Illness card to hide the fact that he is a shitty person.

One reply has me a bit sad though.

The fact that Art Dam (who I suspect is Muslim) has to point out that he doesn’t represent the majority of Chinese Singaporeans, who are awesome, kind, tolerant and respect of other cultures and religions.

It might be a knee jerk reaction, but to think that people would blame other Chinese for the act of one person is sadly the state of the world we live in today. So yes, I totally agree with Art Dam here, Lim doesn’t represent other Chinese people.

Oh wait…Lim does represent one other person; Jason Kim.

We’ve seen this mouthbreather spouting his pro-CCP bootlicking before on other racially motivated incidents. Idiot’s been quiet for a bit but it looks like Winnie the Pooh’s chosen this fool to step up for the CCP again.

It’s really unnecessary to waste more time on scum like Jason Kim, so let’s just move on.

Muslim Netizens are, unsurprisingly, calling for his head, despite Kim’s multiple (and sad) attempts to rally others to Lim’s side.

The anger over what Lim Beng Wei has done permeates every single post about this on the Muslim Facebook pages. Believe me, I’ve checked. Everybody is calling out Lim for lying and being the worst kind of asshole there is.

Not surprising, calls for him to be punished are starting to resonate throughout those commenting in the Facebook pages.

It’s not surprising at all is it? After all, a mosque is sacred to Muslims and while Muslims might overlook acts like this if the person was insane, that is hardly the case here.

There are some that bring up the issue of what Lim Beng Wei might be also be capable of, if he’s left on the streets.

Others however choose to view things in a lighter mood.

Perhaps they’re right.

Maybe laughter is the best medicine while we await Lim to get his (hopefully) just punishment.

In that light…perhaps the most telling comments of all come from the football fans among the commenters.

He’s a Manchester United fan, a Red Devil.

No wonder he’s so screwed up.

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