GeForce NOW Powered By StarHub Is A New Streaming Service That Lets You Play Without Needing A PC.

While the savvy gamers among us have been streaming for years now via Playstation, Xbox or even through Steam, streaming games isn’t something that most casuals know of or have even tried. StarHub aims to change that. With their hooking up with NVIDIA, StarHub’s now introducing the former’s streaming service exclusively in Singapore. Dubbed GeForce Now Powered By StarHub, the streaming platform is enticing gamers from all walks of life (and without a deep pocket) to sign up.

Using the service, subscribers can play today’s demanding games pretty much on any device (smartphones, tablets, notebooks and more), anywhere they want. Waiting for your turn at the Polyclinic? Grind for loot in Destiny 2 while you stew with the masses.

Interested? You can head on over to GameHub+, StarHub’s new dedicated website for the service.

Newcomers can subscribe at a monthly rate of SG$19.99 or a lump sum of 199.99 for an annual subscription.

GeForce Now Powered By StarHub

You don’t even need to be a customer of StarHub’s to sign up for the service, though those who are already doing business with the company do get lower fees as incentive.

GeForce Now Powered By StarHub

It’s a pretty great deal (obviously a better one as a StarHub customer) especially if you don’t have the hardware to play recent games. You can even link your Steam or Epic accounts to access the games you already have in your accounts on the service.

No worries if you don’t have any games…GeForce NOW Powered By StarHub comes with a ton of those, including new-ish titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Watchdogs Legion.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the list right here.

Yup, there are some pretty good games in there, so why not give the service a shot? No contract means you can leave anytime you want so there’s not really a downside to it.

We’ll see if StarHub is willing to give us complimentary access for a review! Cross your fingers…or just subscribe and try for yourself!

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