Muslim Nurses Can Finally Wear Tudung If They Want! Netizens Say YAY! Trolls Say NAY!

So…it’s finally happened. After decades of debating, months of talking…Muslim nurses can finally wear the tudung at work if they choose. We talked about this before and how it’s been hinted at coming to pass, but it’s finally great to see an announcement confirming it.

Checking on various Facebook posts on this from the usual outlets, it’s not surprising to see that the majority of netizens are positive about this change.

It’s not really shocking in the least.

When I did the same thing last time, most netizens were positive on the proposed (then) changes to allow Muslim nurses the option of wearing a tudung. That’s just from non-Muslims!

As you’d probably expect, Muslims are pretty happy too!

I could post a ton of screenshots of Muslims being happy, but let’s just save us both the trouble and take my word for it.

It goes without saying though, that there will always be those who aren’t happy about things.

Now, I think most of use can accept differing points of views, provided of course those views are logical. Unfortunately, the few who are against it have completely illogical ones.

Read through them? Not one of them makes a lick of sense right? Uh-huh. I thought so too, which was why I didn’t give them a second thought after.

Weirdly, there’s even a Muslim who’s against it.

Oh wait, false alarm. It’s a Malaysian.

Worse, it’s a Malaysian troll, who doesn’t even have the guts to show its face on the Internet to argue. I’d call it a gutless worm but that’s an insult to worms.

Of course, it’s not the only useless piece of shit commenting.

This ‘Chio Bu’ is another.

This ‘Chio Bu’ can’t even maintain a coherent argument but loves (and I mean LOVES) to regurgitate its nonsensical views over and over. Ok bro, go right ahead. Nobody cares what you think though.

There’s also this CCP worshipping sack of shit.

Being a racist is bad enough, but one condoning China’s genocidal treatment of the Uyghurs is the worst kind of scum you can find.

Like many of its kind, this too is a troll account of somebody who doesn’t have the guts to stand by what they say online.

Finally, here’s another piece of garbage from the comments.

This foreign piece of shit is from overseas but is insistent that we bow down to what she deems is right. Remember PM Lee talking about why locals seem to hate foreigners in his National Day Rally yesterday?

This is a prime example of why that’s so.

Rita is a great case why we need to kick out useless foreign leeches from overseas like this who contribute nothing to Singaporean society.

Not all foreigners are bad, but for those that are, we should be sending them a one way ticket home, to whichever hell they came from.

While it’s so so easy to stoop to their (intelligence) level, the best course of action is to simply ignore the fools and move on.

So, let’s take a count.

We have the yeas, the nays and the fools. Next, we also have the confused.

Confused about what you ask?

Confused about why Muslim nurses wearing tudung is an issue in the first place.

It is a valid question…it’s taken over 50 years for this issue to be settled definitely.

That’s a long time and netizens are saying it’s only been settled this round because the Worker’s Party brought it up and stuck to their guns to see it through.

There is MASSIVE support for the Worker’s Party in pretty much every post that talks about this. If I was the PAP, I’d be pretty miffed…and a bit worried that support might be growing fast for the opposition.

Pretty much everybody agrees on a couple of things; the PAP is claiming credit for the WP’s work, this is a political ploy to net Muslim votes next election and that Masagos is useless.

For somebody who’s in charge of Muslim stuff, being reviled by the very community you’re supposed to represent must hurt. I’m not going to take sides here but Masagos has been the butt of jokes for Muslim netizens for a while now.

I actually pity the dude for the hate (some deserved, some not) he gets from most netizens.

Since I don’t want to end this post on a sour note, here’s something that made me chuckle when I was sifting through the comments.

Did you know that the Singaporean Navy already allows wearing tudung?

It’s true!

Yeah, that made me chuckle too.

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