Malaysia Military Propaganda Video Full Of Bullshit, Netizens Claim.

Malaysia and Singapore need each other.

It’s a simple fact that the majority of people in both countries seem to be ignorant of. Some are these dumbasses are from the public, but there definitely are quite a few in the upper echelons in the Malaysia government.

This video’s a reminder of that.

Normally, something like this wouldn’t be a blip on the radar, at least here in Singapore. Malaysia regularly releases propaganda crap like this all the time. This one’s release however, is curiously timed to say the least.

That is to say, this one came out on 21st August, the day of Singapore’s delayed National Day celebrations. Even K. Shanmugam posted about it on his Facebook page.

Coincidence? Perhaps…but then again, this is Malaysia we’re talking about. They might deny it but nobody actually believes it.

More than likely, this is just a ploy by (whichever) crappy government is running the show (at this time) to distract from the country’s current political shitstorm and COVID-19 woes.

After all, what better way to get disgruntled citizens to band together with an inefficient government by stirring up nationalism within the hearts and minds of easily impressionable yokels?

There are also quite a few Singaporeans who are equally bemused and amused by the video.

To use a term all of us who’ve done NS should be familiar with; they think it’s all wayang. In other words, it’s all false bravado and theatre for the masses.

Unfortunately, those with the foresight and intelligence to see the video for what it is are in the minority.

Comments in the Shanmugam post are pretty much what you’d expected; rapid gnashing of teeth from raving fanatics on both sides of the cause way.

There are the misguided patriots who rise up to volunteer their bodies in defence of Singapore.

Misguided as their patriotism might be in this case, it’s still heartening to see that there are Singaporeans willing to rise up to defend the country at a moment’s notice. As expected there are those defending the ‘honor’ of Malaysia.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are also keyboard warriors defending Singapore.

Honestly speaking though, it’s not that hard to take potshots at Malaysia these days. COVID-19 incompetency, governmental ineptitude, corruption…take your pick.

Flaming, bickering, calling each other names and overt racism fills the comments.

Thankfully, the racists comments (of which there are many) are mostly from the butthurt Malaysians. I know, I checked them out one by one.

Coincidentally, that checking made me realize one thing.

Those who stir shit up are always the same people. It makes you wonder whether they’re even really Malaysians.

Take this asshole for instance.

This ‘Fezal Haziq‘ is one of the many fake accounts in the comments section.

At the time of this writing, the account was created just 5 hours prior. It’s definitely suspicious, even more so when you consider that the account (like the other Malaysian trolls) seems to keep harping on the same themes over and over.

In fact, the most of the other trolls also seem to gravitate to the same issue; about the NSF who had his maid carry his field pack. Considering this event took place in March 2011 (more than a decade ago!), it’s highly suspicious that so many Malaysians would remember such a thing.

More than likely, the logical explanation would be that this is either the work of coordinated trolls or one person with multiple accounts. I for one, refuse to believe that Malaysians are as petty and racist as the commenters in the post are.

I have family who are Malaysian, know a great deal of Malaysians and none of them are anything like the rabid idiots in the post.

Thankfully, amidst the deluge of ‘XXX sucks’ there are some logical posts.

Like these ones talking about the looming threat from a certain bear.

Like it or not, these posts speak the damn truth.

China is coming.

Maybe not in our lifetimes but I (like many others) feel that it’s only a matter of time before Winnie the Pooh (or his successors) makes a grab for us all.

China aside, the best post out of all the comments has to be this one.

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