Entitled Unvaccinated/ Not Fully Vaccinated Singaporeans, Check Yourself And Stop Acting Like Assholes!

With Singapore just slowly reopening again after being in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) for a couple of weeks, things might seem to be just getting back to normal…or at least, what passes for normal in this pandemic. However, with the reopening, comes new rules. Among them, anybody that’s not fully vaccinated can’t dine out.

While it’s been the subject of much contention (most among the unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated), the fact of the matter is the rules’ there for a reason. Delta is here (thanks India!) and with it, the higher infection rates.

We’ve all seen what Delta can do thanks to the KTV assholes so it’s not a variant to be messing around with.

Unfortunately, there are still numbskulls out there who think they know better and think laws don’t apply to them.

Like this dumbass.

Posted by LG Han, who is a chef at Labyrinth, it details an encounter the restaurant had with an idiot who thinks it’s his way or the highway.

The idiot, who is not fully vaccinated, claimed to be ignorant of the new rules and also that he made a booking before the new regulations were revealed. Yeah, nobody’s buying either point, especially since LG Han says that they were able to recheck the booking date for the reservation.

To top it off, he gets pissed because his deposit’s not returned.

Bro, you agreed to their Terms & Conditions when you booked online for your reservations. It’s right there, front and center.

Didn’t read them, eh? Yet, still want to complain like you’re in the right.

On top of that, don’t be an asshole to service staff! Every job deserves respect, being it a cleaner or a waiter or a food packer. Do you think they’re there just to make your life miserable?

Being in the service line is hell (as I can personally attest to), because most people simply think servers and the like are slaves. Guess what? They’re not. They’re just like you and me, working a job. Do you want assholes to hound you when you’re working?

So chillax and just admit you were in the wrong.

Come on you guys!

Just because you have money to burn to dine in at fancy restaurants doesn’t mean you’re not subject to the laws like the rest of us plebs. Just follow the damn rules! 14 days of sitting on your ass in your house isn’t going to kill you. It’s just 2 damn weeks!

Read a book, watch Netflix (or Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video), play some games! Bing bam boom! 2 weeks done!

Once that period’s over, come on out and be welcomed to the realm of the fully vaccinated. Eat like a hog if you want to, nobody’s going to give a hoot.

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