NTU Student At Wits’ End After Not Getting A Room.

Staying on campus might seem like a weird thing to do in tiny Singapore. When you can literally travel from one end to another in under 2 hours on public transport (less if you’re in a car), most of us don’t really see a point in campus living. We just see it as something for foreign students. After reading about this poor NTU student though, I’m reconsidering that notion.

Posted just a few days ago on NTU Confessions, the exasperated, anonymous NTU student talked about the trouble they had trying to find a room to stay in.

Not because all of them were occupied, but because of greed.

Apparently, there are quite a number of people with access to NTU housing that are simply out to make a quick buck. Instead of utilizing the rooms like they’re meant to, they’re looking to rent them out and milk other, needy students dry.

That’s just pure assholery…and also quite illegal as commenters on the post have said. Those commenters also told the student to report those who are trying to rent out their rooms.

Room issue aside, it’s sad to read that the student’s home environment is so toxic that they simply couldn’t just bear it for a while longer and stay there to do their school work. Everybody deserves a safe and stable home and it’s circumstances like this that can cause students to snap under the strain and lash out.

Hopefully the student gets the housing they so desperately need just so they can get out of their home and into an environment where they can focus on school instead of just maintaining their sanity.

The government really needs to step up and do more to help those with issues like this if we want to prevent another repeat of the River Valley High incident. If not, I guarantee another similar event is incoming.

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