Age Shouldn’t Be A Factor When It Comes To Sentencing Criminals Like Poh Seng Khian.

Recently, it’s been revealed that Poh Seng Khian, an 86-year-old man, has been given a lighter sentence (than other molesters) for molesting women on multiple occasions. One of them’s even a kid.

According to The Straits Times, the man had the cajones to ask the judge for a fine as his punishment because he’s old and about to die. Seriously. The pervert had the damn cheek to say that.

Poh Seng Khian, only got 18 weeks in jail for his crimes. He didn’t get the rotan because Singapore law forbid caning for people over 50.

While I can see the logic behind the law, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be abolished. Think about it.

If you’re so hardcore that you deserve to be caned, chances are your crime (or crimes) are pretty heinous. Caning isn’t something our laws dole out for minor offences! You don’t see jaywalkers get the cane, or litterbugs.

It’s reserved for major crimes…like molest.

Past molesters have been caned too, so it’s definitely not without precedent. Poh is spared simply because he’s lived longer than other convicted local molesters.

Come on!

Sure, he might be old, but his crimes have shown that he’s just as big a pervert as other molesters.

However, Singapore’s judicial system seems to be going through a lenient phase lately. I mean even racists like Periyanayagam Appavoo and Muhammad Sadiq Syed Kadir got off without a taste of the rotan!

That’s not exactly fair, is it?

It’s not fair in this case too.

Just because the damn pervert is old he gets away with just a jail term. Others with similar crimes got that AND the rotan. Just because he is old doesn’t mean the emotional scarring on the victims are less severe!

One of them’s not even 12 and I guarantee she’s going to have trust issues due to this.

I say let the punishment fit the crime; no leniency for age or medical reasons. You can’t take the heat and die due to being caned? Tough luck. Shouldn’t have done the crime in the first place.

What good is the punishment for vile criminals like this if it’s neutered because he’s old? Might as well just have let him go with a verbal warning for all the good it’ll do.

Does anybody really think that 12 weeks he spends in jail will rehabilitate him in the least?

I sure as hell don’t.

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