Turn The Other Cheek: How An Unprovoked Attack Was Deescalated.

Every day, we hear all kinds of stories. There are those that horrify us, those that warm us up inside, those that can make us sad…all sorts of news. Rarely though, do we hear about stories that aren’t sensationalist. Nobody wants to hear about how a pacifist avoided an attack.

I mean, who cares if there’s no violence or other hook to keep you engaged right?

While that may be true, it’s also worth pointing out that pacifism shouldn’t be ignored. Hell, I’d posit that it should be highlighted more often in the news. Perhaps it’ll rub off on our society where violence is pretty much always one of the solutions in a fight.

Cases like this are the reason why I feel there’s still hope for the world.

According to Suhaimi, an elderly Chinese man approached him and tried to start a fight. Suhaimi, who wasn’t having none of it, walked away. The other dude kept coming after him, hurling vulgarities until Suhaimi told him off.

That didn’t end the whole thing though.

The elderly dude came at Suhaimi in an attack and swung, knocking his spectacles off.

Now here’s where I (and probably most of us) would probably retaliate.

Screw it, right? He threw the first punch, yeah? He’s going to get what’s coming to him!

Fortunately, Suhaimi’s a breed apart from us regular joes.

Dude didn’t strike back. He was pissed as hell but he refrained from raining a much deserved smackdown on the old guy. Instead, he chose to walk away and let bygones be bygones.

Suhaimi’s pacifism didn’t go unnoticed.

His post’s filled with other Netizens congratulating him on maintaining his cool.

However, Suhaimi isn’t as altruistic as you think he is.

According to his comments, his lack of retaliation is due to him thinking he’d be the one getting in trouble with the law because he struck the old man.

Never mind it was in self defence. Without witnesses or camera footage or proof to show otherwise, it’s pretty much his word versus the old man’s.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that somebody has to think twice against fighting, even if it’s self defence. Singapore’s laws do need some adjusting in this regard.

Nonetheless, that still doesn’t detract from what Suhaimi did…or didn’t do in this case.

Thumbs up bro.

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