KTV Lounges Screwed Us ALL! Their Owners Must Pay.

KTV lounges. The very mention of them fills me up with rage. If I was the Hulk, I’d be smashing everything in sight of me right now.

Most Singaporeans are a law abiding lot. When the government says jump, we (grumblingly) ask how high? It’s a silent pact between us citizens and those in power. Maintain law and order, and we’ll do what you guys say.

There are however a small minority that are complete assholes. These are the people like Beow Tan or Tan Boon Lee. Who think think the law don’t apply to them. They do what they want and screw everybody over.

We should be adding more names to that group; specifically, the names of all KTV owners in Singapore.

It is these assholes and their flagrant defiance of Covid-19 laws that have put us back in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

These scum value money over the safety of people who’ve worked long and hard to maintain Singapore’s low Covid numbers. They don’t give a damn that other Singaporeans are suffering in this pandemic, how hawkers and other F&B establishments are in danger of going out of business.

Nay, these assholes think only of themselves…and we Singaporeans have had enough.

We demand a reckoning and the authorities have to bring down the hammer hard on these scum.

I’m not the only one thinking this way.

I completely agree with what Alan John wrote in his post.

Beow Tan, Tan Boon Lee and the other idiots who’ve recently made the news are nothing compared to the KTV owners. At least in the case of the racists, they don’t endanger public health.

These KTV operators have long flown under the radar, ostensibly pivoting to becoming more of a F&B business during these Covid-19 times. Well guess what? They were bullshitting us all along. It’s amazing how many Singaporeans are complicit in the coverup too!

Think about it!

For them to even risk of being censured by the law, there has to be a thriving demand for KTV. Somewhere out there are hordes of stupid, horny men who are willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of their families to hang out with women of questionable morals.

The kicker? Most of these women aren’t even here legally!

Short term visit passes doesn’t mean you’re able to work here!

Which brings to mind another question…some of these illegals came in recently. How the hell can a damn boyfriend be considered family?!

That’s how one of these parasites came to be here! She applied for a short term visit pass via the Familial Ties Lane. According to Today, she used her boyfriend as a sponsor.

Do you see where it’s written a boyfriend can sponsor her? Nope, neither do I! So if it really is true she got in via her boyfriend, somebody at ICA screwed up royally!

That aside, why are we allowing short term visitor passes for people who aren’t married or are family to Singapore citizens or PRs? It’s just begging to be abused (like in this case) to let in unwanted illegals.

What essential purpose do they bring?

Are we suffering a huge shortage of hostesses in seedy KTVs?

Now because of these people, the greedy owners of the KTV bars and the fools who visit them, we’re back at Phase 2 until late August. All of the freedoms we’re starting to enjoy gone just like that because these assholes don’t think of anybody but themselves.

Hopefully now that the light is on these KTV outlets, the authorities do more than crack down on them hard. We, as law abiding citizens, deserve more! They have to be made examples of so that nobody even thinks it’s a good idea to even go to a KTV.

Hell, make them illegal all together!

What point is there for KTV when a pandemic is raging on?

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