Neighbourhood Cobbler Passes, Heartwarming Tribute Left Behind.

They’re there in most older neighbourhoods. Elderly men and women who toil away almost invisibly, plying their trades (cobbler, key maker, cleaner) the old fashioned way.

In our hustle, we barely pay any attention to them, until we either need them…or in this case, until they’re forever gone.

A Redditor posted this picture of a heartwarming tribute that somebody left for a neighbourhood cobbler.


Apparently, that corridor was where an elderly cobbler (Mr Chin) plied his trade, right up to the very end. A kind soul left that pasted note as a tear jerking tribute to the old man.

The good news is that the cobbler wasn’t without family or people to mourn him, as the Reddit thread pointed out. His family reached out to the Redditor and even thanked him.

If you’re in a mood for a good cry, be sure to head on over to the Reddit thread as people share their experiences and give tributes to these craftsmen who are slowly fading away from our midst.

Reminds me of Yuna’s speech from the end of Final Fantasy X.

So poignant and apt.

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