Take MC Also Cannot: Netizens Weigh In On Racist Supervisor.

Earlier yesterday, I posted about the Malay dude who informed his supervisor that he was on MC, only to get a racist reply in return. We might not want to admit it but there’s this mentality that anybody who takes MC is lazy and just goofing off.

Men especially know what I’m talking about. In NS, being on light duty or MC is almost always viewed as a sign of weakness. Doesn’t matter if it’s a legit cause, you’ll always be labelled a malingerer.

That’s generally the consensus Netizens came to as well.

In the workplace, it can be even worse…especially if your superior or co-workers have it in for you.

Singapore might be ahead of the rest of the world in some aspects, but we still have archaic workplace practices.

It’s high time to destigmatize taking MC as a sign of a lousy worker, unless you have definite proof of course. It’s even more important now since we’re in a pandemic.

Netizens think the same way too.

For Yum though, it’s clearly too late.

Malay Netizens are taking it in stride though. Like water flowing off their backs, they’re taking the insult and making it their own.

Joking aside, what Yum experienced isn’t a laughing matter.

It seems clear cut right?

That comment is pure racism.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Logic and the context dictates a clear outcome.

However, this is the Internet…and we all know that stupidity (and trolls) knows no bounds.

I don’t know how Daniel can look at the post and blame the victim.

Why shouldn’t Yum post this to social media? It’s not a criminal case (yet) and there’s nothing wrong with him wanting to raise awareness for the racism that he’s encountered.

Victim blaming is the damn reason why so many cases of racism and other issues go unreported…because there will always be idiots who say that what the victims say don’t matter and try to sweep everything under the carpet.

Thankfully, the rest of the Netizens don’t view the issue similarly.

It’s pretty much a given. That comment, in that context, is utterly racist. There’s no way to misconstrue it.

Anybody in their right mind can see it, unless you happen to be trolling like our old racist/ Chinese supremist friend, Candice Hong.

If you’re unfamiliar, Candice Hong is a proud believer in Chinese power.

She ‘thinks’ that Singapore is successful solely due to the hard work of the Chinese. ONLY the Chinese. The rest of the races did jack shit. She posts her warped views anytime a Chinese person is in hot water.

Now she’s back defending her race zealously yet again.

Apparently, Candice not only feels Chinese are superior in every way, she also thinks that it’s the Malays who take MC the most in every single workplace.

Truly shameful that her account hasn’t been shutdown yet for racism.

Candice isn’t alone this time too, for there are others.

It’s striking that those who come to the defence of Yum’s supervisor are Chinese. Birds of a (racist) feather do stick together it seems.

It’s true, but that does also bring up a good point.

While we all tend to pile on the side of the victim, we also mustn’t forget that a person doesn’t represent their race. For all the racist Chinese people there are out there, I reckon that there are much, much, MUCH more who aren’t.

Then again, perhaps this Dijin isn’t even Singaporean. At least, that’s the suspicion of some Netizens.

It might be easy to pass the blame to foreigners but until Yum reveals his supervisor’s identity (if he ever will), it’s all assumptions at this point.

Whatever the outcome though, one Netizen brought up a course of action I wish that Yum had taken.

Tit for tat!

If nothing else, it’d be interesting to see what he’d get in reply.

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