Malay Dude Goes On MC, Supervisor From 9G Elevator Goes Racist.

As a worker, your MC and Leave Days are a right. It’s part of your contract that you’re liable for personal and medical leave. Nobody in disputes that because it is a basic fundamental right. Apparently that’s not the case with 9G Elevator…or at least, the case with one of its supervisors.

Racism in any form is wrong and recently, it’s certainly been brought to the forefront locally.

Here’s what happened.

Yum (who’s Malay) goes on MC and is asked to submit his MC by his supervisor. The idiot than goes a step further and sends Yum a reply in Chinese.

Now I have to ask why?

What was going through Dijin’s (going by the image that’s the supervisor’s name) imbecilic mind when he sent that reply? That Yum wouldn’t be able to understand it because he’s Malay?

Obviously, Dijin has never heard of Google Translate.

Dijin is obviously an idiot who subscribes to the Malays are lazy newsletter. It’s not only racist, but the comment is incredibly insulting and stereotypical.

9G Elevator Pte Ltd, who Yum reportedly works for, has been silent so far. That hasn’t stopped Netizens from slamming its Google page though.

9G Elevator

As of right now, the company has a 1 star rating with pretty much every review calling them out on this issue. Considering how the issue is blowing up on social media, some damage control is surely on the cards.

Then again, the company doesn’t seem to have much of a social media presence (their Facebook page only shows their products) so maybe they don’t really care what the public thinks. That might explain why they hired Dijin too.

I’d really love to see if Dijin is Singaporean or somebody from overseas. Hopefully he’s a PRC import (in which case it’s high time to send him packing) and not local.

No matter where he’s from through, hopefully he gets what’s coming to him for being an inconsiderate racist asshole.

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