These Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers Are Under Fire For Treating People Like Crap.

With Covid-19 restrictions, it’s pretty hard to run a business, especially if you’re in the Food and Beverage industry. Safe distancing can be really hard to enforce for dine-ins, even more so when you have limited space to work with. Add in bad weather and suddenly it all becomes impossible. With Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers and Ambassadors omnipresent, it’s only a matter of time till you’re screwed.

Sometimes there is just no right way to follow the law, which was the unfortunate situation Parallel Coffee Roasters found themselves in.

safe distancing ambassadors

Due to a lack of space, an abundance of customers and bad weather, Parallel Coffee Roasters broke the law.

Mitigating circumstances aside, the shop was in the wrong and their Facebook post shows that they were aware of the fact and have vowed to make sure the issue never arises again in the future.

Though it’s incredible irresponsible of the shop to endanger its customers by not adhering to safe distancing rules, what makes this whole situation worse is how the Safe Distancing Ambassadors (or in this case, I suspect Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers due to the fine) allegedly treated the wait staff and customers.

Wait…what’s the different between the two? Their jobs are pretty much the same, with one exception. Officers have the authority to issue fines.

Look I get it…I do.

Being a Safe Distancing Enforcement Officer isn’t exactly the easiest of professions. The public can be an unruly lot and there have been tons of reports about the abuse Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers and Ambassadors have taken in the line of duty.

That doesn’t mean however that it gives them a free pass to be jerks to other people in return and is why I’m pissed.

According to Parallel Coffee Roasters, the Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers who were at the outlet acted like assholes. Whatever smidge of authority they have obviously went to their heads.

That’s the only explaination I can come up with after reading Parallel Coffee Roaster’ statement’s last paragraph.

It is NEVER OK to be rude, condescending or unprofessional, even more so to the people you’re supposed to be serving. Those in the service industry have it tough enough with customers, why go the extra distance to make their jobs even harder?

As somebody who used to work in the service industry, it’s hell…so I’m really sympathetic to the staff in this case.

You don’t need to make their lives worse but acting like a dick.

You’re Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers, so act like it!

Be ambassadorial, use some damn tact and kindness instead of being a damn ass.

Hopefully, Parallel Coffee Roasters or one of its patrons reports these officers.

Not only were they being unprofessional, they’re bringing down the good name of Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers everywhere. The rest of these guys shouldn’t be lumped in with these people who think they’re better than everybody us just.

Maybe the Courtesy Lion should pay them a damn visit…

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