Singaporeans Are Salty A Co-Founder of Secret Lab Can Afford Fancy House.

Singaporeans are envious beings. It’s probably encoded in our DNA somewhere. We see somebody more successful than us, we start to pile on the hate. The latest case being one from just a few days ago, wherein the co-founder of Secret Lab bought himself a really expensive new house.

Barring whether this is really news or not (seriously, people buy house also must comment?), that hasn’t stopped the salty tears from pouring forth!

The jealousy and envy is strong within us! So strong that if the Goverment found some way to weaponize it, we would probably be able to take on any country in the world!

Nothing good to say, just move on! Why feel the need to rain on others’ parade, yeah?

Some though, feel their vitriol is warranted.

They cite the (allegedly) enormous markups for the chairs that must have contributed to the company’s profits.

They might be right, they might be wrong.

I have no idea, I’m not privy to Secret Lab’s financials but even if the markups are insane, so what? People still bought the damn chairs willingly. They weren’t coerced in any way to fork out the money.

That’s not stopping those with an axe to grind though…

Seeing the pictures posted by some of the commenters, maybe they do have a point of Secret Lab chairs not lasting long.

It’d be easy to write off those who complain about the chairs but throughout my looking through the comments, there does seem to be a TON (hence why the examples I gave are more than previous ones) of people bitching about the quality of their Secret Lab products.

It does beg the question; so many people can’t be all wrong, can they? Are Secret Lab chairs that bad and overrated? Perhaps so, judging from what’s posted.

That’s neither here nor there though, this is a Secret Lab review article.

Amid all these, there are a couple of commenters who don’t have a stake in the horse. They’re just posting to congratulate the guy on his hard work and investment.

To be honest, I found these posts the most boring out of them all. No saltiness, no drama.

I wasn’t the only one looking on with interest at all the drama though…Many other Netizens came for the show too!

It just a rollicking good time to read some of the salty comments, to see how some people can’t stand others’ good fortune. Reading the hate mail for this piece of news was pretty humorous too!

While this last example isn’t a hate mail…it does come with a tinge of salt and a whole lot of funny.

See? I told you so!

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