Kho Kwang Po: Doctor (Allegedly), Anti-mRNA Covid Vaccine Proponent and Anti-Islamist.

When you think of a racist, the mental image that usually forms in the mind is of somebody uneducated, dumb and easily influenced by external forces. Recently however, it seems that Singaporean racists aren’t the dumb, illiterate waste of skin that you’d expect…but rather, well-educated beings (I won’t use the word ‘human’), like this Kho Kwang Po, who is a local physician.

Allegedly though…it’s even debatable that he can be called a doctor, as his license to practice in Singapore doesn’t seem to be in the public records.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself at the Ministry of Health’s website. It could be he used another name to register, but it’s doubtful.

If you’re not aware, this guy was also one of the signatories arguing that kids shouldn’t be vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. Weirdly, as doctors, they presented an unconvincing argument, twisting facts and omitting others that don’t fit their agenda.

Ignore that for a moment though…Can you imagine how it must be internally for him whenever he treats a Muslim patient? His inner voice was probably cussing them out while externally he had to present his professional face.

Maybe that’s why he went on to Facebook to rant?

Those words are the rantings of an educated man with a foolishly uneducated worldview of other religions. How can you be a doctor and still hold such a viewpoint? Haven’t your interactions with Muslim patients shown you that what you’re thinking of isn’t right?

Kind of reminds you of somebody whose modus operandi is similarly warped. *coughTrumpcough*

Like The Orange Man, Kho Kwang Po is also reportedly up there in years, which is why Margaret Chong’s comment might make a ton of sense.

Needless to say, the investigation into Kho’s ranting has got the support of Netizens, who view it as a threat to Singapore’s racial harmony.

There is however a voice of dissent, a lone voice, that dares to speak up against what is an open and shut case.

Never mind that he/she’s completely off-topic (when is religion science?), Yeji tries to be the voice of (no) reason, trying to convince others that Kho Kwang Po is worth defending.

Pro tip: He’s not.

It’s a losing battle trying to convince people when the truth is plain for all to see.

Losing battle of not, that’s not stopping trolls like Fabien Bastin.

Bastin, who’s French (what a surprise), is like a rabid dog with his vendetta against Islam. You can almost see the froth from his mouth by checking his Facebook page. It’s obvious that Bastin doesn’t know jack shit, he’s just spamming everywhere he can to hopefully stoke the flames of hatred.

Bastin’s unabashed zealotry is why his opinion is unwanted and unwelcome. Not like it was so intellectually stimulating in the first place.

Thankfully, other posts are mostly by locals, which gives you a good look into what the public thinks.

You know what that means, right?

Local conspiracy nuts view this news as yet another move by Big Brother to silence the voice of dissention.

Yup, it’s always an insidious plot by the masterminds in the Government to put down The People. It’s not like there’s ample evidence of the shit that Kho is spewing or anything. It’s always the PAP out to silence critics of their policies/plans.

Some netizens (who may or may not be conspiracy nuts) also wonder who fingered Kho to the police.

I have to ask; why does it matter who reported Kho to the police?

It’s the public’s duty to inform on fools who threaten Singapore’s racial harmony. Whoever he/she is, they’re damn right to report Kho to the cops. If it was up to me, medals (and GST vouchers!) would be given to people who report people like Kho to the authorities!

Reading through all the comments on multiple pages about this news, one comment struck me as particularly truthful.

Maybe that’s why CCP plants/ suck ups have been infiltrating racial incidents posts like this and others, like Sal reported.

Here’s one of them that I came across.

If you’re Chinese and are against the villainous CCP, you’re traitors. When Winnie the Pooh comes for you, no mercy will be shown! What kind of psychopaths view the world this way?!

Holy crap…sometimes the Internet really scares me.

Thankfully, at the end of the spectrum are people like Tony. He’s the reason that wading through hundreds of comments can be worth it.

You’re on the Internet, Tony. Educate yourself can?

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