Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Hits Singapore Exclusively At Timezone VivoCity!

If you’re at VivoCity today, you might want to head on up to the second floor of the shopping mall and mosey on over to Timezone. Why? To try out the newest arcade game in town of course! I’m talking about Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.

Timezone was cool enough to invite us to try out the game yesterday in an exclusive event and boy, was it awesome! It also helped a ton that the game was free to play for the event, which really gave us the chance to take a look at what it offered!

While it shares some DNA with Minecraft Dungeons (check it out on PC and the Xbox), Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is more of a beat’em up than a dungeon crawling action RPG.

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the game too! Its easy to pick up controls (which has just 4 buttons!) means you can be playing like a pro after just a few minutes of playing!

4 players can play at one time, and you’re able to scan in special Minecraft Arcade Dungeons cards to get special weapons, armors and even pets!

Where to get the cards?

Simple! You just start (or continue) a game. Do that and a card will pop out at the bottom of the machine. What you get is random and there are a TON of different cards available for Series 1 (60 of them!) so if you’re a Minecraft collector, you’re going to be spending a ton of cash AND time trying to get them all.

Silver lining? At least you’ll be playing the game while you do that.

minecraft dungeons arcade

During our time playing, we were able to try out a ton of the cards that are available for Series 1. The pet cards are the best, as they spawn a cute pet (we had a Panda card) that helps you fight in the game.

The enemies in the game swarm you relentlessly and even with two players playing (and pets assisting), it gets insanely hard at times.

All of the cards have a cooldown after using, so you’ll need to kill enemies and nab gems to to recharge them. Once their meters are filled, you can use them again!

One thing to note though…bring lots of cash!

minecraft dungeons arcade

It costs SG$3.50 (SG$3.20 if you’re a Blue/Gold member or SG$2.90 if you’re a Platinum member) to play and continue if you die (which you will be doing…a lot). With 9 stages, tons of enemies and a handful of bosses, completing the game will take a while…and a deep wallet.

If you want to try the game out, head on to VivoCity’s Timezone, which has exclusive dibs on the game locally. It’s also the game’s South East Asian debut, so we’re pretty lucky!

Also, we’d like to thank Timezone for the awesome goodie bag they gave us yesterday!

minecraft dungeons arcade


Thanks guys!

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