Vaccinators Claim They’re Not Being Paid For Their Hard Work!

With countries worldwide now going into high gear with vaccinations, vaccinators are in high demand. It’s hard work though; long hours, meagre pay and sometimes the people you’re vaccinating aren’t exactly the most cooperative.

At the end of the day, it’s still a job though.

You do a job, you expect to get paid. That’s the whole point right? When your pay gets delayed and not paid, it’s feels like a major betrayal. After all, you’ve earned that money through your hard work, you deserve it!

Not being paid and only getting excuses in return will infuriate even the chillest of folks.

That’s exactly what an vaccinator Xavier Fransis is going through…


Francis claims that he’s just one out of many vaccinators who’ve not been paid after signing up to work as a vaccinator with a manpower agency.

It’s a bit of a convoluted story, with plenty of alleged baton passing from his employers.

Here’s the distilled bits in case you don’t want to read that wall of text.

Francis worked for MMP (Mega Man Power). From what I understand, it’s a recruitment agency that sources out manpower needed for its clients. MMP, is allegedly in cahoots with SAA (Singapore Ambulance Association) for providing freelance vaccinators.

Things grew dire for MMP as many of its workers jumped ship because the agency was allegedly paying peanuts and slow in paying its workers. With everybody heading for greener pastures, MMP shut down because there was nobody left.

Straightforward right? Here’s where it gets crazy.

Francis claims that the dissolution of MMP was due to SAA claiming it’s not receiving payments from the former, despite MMP saying otherwise.

I’m actually confused at this because Francis never mentioned what exactly these payments are supposed to be or why MMP was supposed to pay SAA. Shouldn’t MMP be the ones dealing with his pay considering they are the agency that hired him?

Confusion aside, this is where Francis claims things cocked up.

Upon contacting the SAA representative, a person called Eugene Tok Yong Fa, Francis was told that his contract wasn’t in Eugene’s possession. Bottom line, that pretty much means no record of Francis working for either company. No way to claim his pay.

According to Francis, Eugene’s not entirely trustworthy. Francis alleges that there are multiple court cases against Eugene and that he’s a disreputable fellow who regularly changes the names of his companies, for no discernable reason.

One of Francis’ colleagues have reached out to MOM, but due to the legalese in their contracts, it seems that MOM is powerless to intervene. Francis’ also made a police report, but it seems like resolution is still a ways off.


It’s a really sad state of affairs for these vaccinators.

Hopefully a speedy resolution is incoming and they can finally get what they’re owed.

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