Malaysian Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Calls Singapore A Stamp. Netizens Embrace The Comparison.

Malaysia Malaysia…when will your childish antics ever stop? For every minister like Syed Saddiq, there’s a Khairy Jamaluddin.

Who’s that you ask?

Khairy Jamaluddin is Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. He’s also the guy in charge of the vaccination process in the country.

That means all the cock ups, incompetence and inefficient management with the vaccination stuff?

It’s all on him.

So what does a Minister who can’t do his damn job do?

If you’re a Malaysian minister (and Khairy), you use the #1 excuse in the Incompetent Malaysian Minister Handbook to deflect blame; throw shade at Singapore.

That’s an exact quote.

Claiming Malaysia is doing very well (it’s not), the minister takes time out to throw shade at our sunny island nation. Why? Sheer boredom perhaps? Jealous probably? Nobody in their right mind knows.

Netizens are laughing at the attempt to disparage Singapore though, fully embracing the nation being called a stamp and using it as the basis of their burns.

It seems like the joke’s on Khairy, as Singaporeans don’t mind the comparison at all.

As mentioned many, many, many times in the Facebook posts talking about this, a stamp is much more valuable that an envelope (which is what Malaysia is in the analogy). Also, a stamps sits on TOP of an envelope, so the envelope’s always in contact with the stamp’s butt.

Yeah, that got me giggling too.

I wonder if the illustrious Khary thought of that when he uttered the words. Chances are no, judging from his performance as a minister.

Not all Singaporeans are using this opportunity to burn Khairy though. Some of us take pity on the man. After all, it’s unseemly to pick on disadvantaged people right?

Yeah, these Singaporeans took the high road, calling out Khairy for being the unprofessional civil servant that he is.

It simply doesn’t look well when you try to disparage other nations for no reason. There is zero reason for the stamp remark to even be in the quote and most call out the gross unprofessionalism from Khairy.

His comment reeks of inadequacy, jealousy and (many suspect), an inferiority complex.

It doesn’t really take a leap of faith to see that Khairy’s trying to make it seem like he’s doing a good job. Pro tip: He’s really not.

Malaysians being on perpetual lockdown (how many MCOs exactly?), 4,348 deaths and accepting vaccine handouts like a vagrant.

Yep, those are the signs of exemplary management.

No sir, there’s no envy or anything of the like at all! /sarcasm

Then there are the Singaporeans that rejoice at us being called a stamp. These guys and gals view it as an upgrade!

Going by their reasoning, we just got bumped up from being called the red dot, to a stamp!

A stamp, while small, is still much bigger than a dot. While some aren’t exactly joyous, most of the people who posted with this line of thinking view it as a positive…which I guarantee will irk Khairy.

In fact, Malaysians view Khairy as being over the line with his comment too!

What does it say about your conduct when your own citizens (who you are supposed to represent, as a minister) are ashamed of you?

Yeah, that’s a pretty clear signal on what Malaysians think of their minister.

Stay classy, Khairy!

…even though we all know you won’t.

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