American Troll Gets Trolled Back By Singaporeans.

What do get when you try to act smart on the Internet against Singaporeans? You get trolled hard! It’s especially ironic if you were out to troll people in the first place…which was what started this whole schbang.

That’s what Facebook troll, Aye Shaun, found out when he posted this.

Claiming a shot of the Marina Bay Sands to be from Downtown Chattanooga, Singaporeans soon caught on to the lie and came in droves to the post to deliver epic burns.

Aye Shaun, the troll that he is, was unrepentant, even after being confronted by Singaporean Facebook users.

To my fellow Singaporeans, I have this to say; Why do you keep feeding the troll? Don’t you guys know that arguing with an American will only lower you to their level? Remember, these are the people who voted for Donald Trump and somehow still believe his lies.

Just ignore the fool, chuckle and move on. It’s not worth it to pop a blood vessel over him. Did you forget how much healthcare in Singapore costs, even after Medisave subsidies?!

Anyways, the post goes back and forth for a while with everybody flaming the American before it finally gets awesome. As Singaporeans flood the post, they catch on and turn the tables. Instead of acknowledging him any more, Singaporeans started to post weird stuff and calling it Singapore.

Here are a couple of the ones that made me chuckle.

There are a TON of awesome burns in that post and it got so out of hand that it shut Aye Shaun up. To date, he’s not even replied to the post anymore. It’s that bad! A troll went back under the bridge due to the fire he got in return!

It just goes to show that if you want to troll a country, prepare to get trolled back hard!

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