Something Needs To Be Done Soon To Deter Racists Like Tan Boon Lee.

I strongly believe in law and justice. I think Singapore’s done a pretty good job of policing our criminal element. However, time and again, I see racists like Beow Tan (and now this Tan Boon Lee) get reported to the police and then…nothing.

Every time it’s the same.

Police statements will say ‘ so and so is assisting with investigations’. I understand that the SPF can’t (and won’t) comment on ongoing cases. Nobody has any issues of that, I don’t too.

However, in cases with overwhelming video evidence like this, why the silence? Shouldn’t it be a foregone conclusion?

After the initial uproar regarding the issue and the police investigation, poof! Radio silence.

Think about it.

Whatever happened to Beow Tan?

Nobody knows because there’s been no updates on this from the authorities.

Perhaps, in high profile cases like hers, the SPF can amend their policy and update the general public on the progress. Going under the radar like this only makes the public think that these people are getting away with breaking the law.

Now this Tan Boon Lee guy is arguably a worse offender than Beow Tan.

He’s a damn lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

A teacher with a racist mentality.

Can you imagine that? How many mixed race students has he screwed over just because of their ethnicity? It’s a very valid question that nobody seems to be asking.

If he is that brazen as to be recorded on video saying all those racist remarks, it doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see how he might have acted in school.

Even worse, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s response to one of its faculty being a racist is simply mindboggling. They just released a canned statement about how shocked and appalled the management is and suspended the guy while they investigate.



The guy literally went on a tirade, harassing a dude who was minding his own business and all he got was suspended?

Tan Boon Lee

Is Ngee Ann Polytechnic planning to reinstate him after all the hubbub has died down?

Why not fire him? The proof’s on video for everybody to see! It wasn’t entrapment, it wasn’t a secret recording…the idiot identified himself on video as a damn racist!

I have to wonder, why the kid gloves?

Why are institutions so afraid to throw the book at racists who raise the ire of the general public? What benefit is there for special treatment when these people have been proven to be guilty?

The authorities caned foreign vandals like Micheal Fay and Oliver Fricker.

Why not Singaporean racists?

Male or female, young or old, you do the crime, you get the rotan.

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