Are You Of Mixed Race? You’re Racist.

That got your attention, didn’t it? Let me say it again. Are you from a mixed race family? Then you’re a low down, no good filthy racist.

That’s the absurdly stupid premise of one dumbass racist who dared to show his face (or half of it anyways) on camera.

Let’s take a step back. You’re probably confused right?

Don’t worry, I’ll set the story straight.

Or rather Dave Park Ash will.

He’s the dude who had the unfortunate misfortune to meet one of Singapore’s racists who is not Beow Tan. Maybe her hubby or brother though? Who knows, right? It could be something that runs in the family.

Read that?

Angry? Good.

If you didn’t, the summary is Dave (who is mixed race) and his girlfriend (who is also mixed race) were stopped and hounded by a damn racist because he felt mixed raced couples shouldn’t exist.

Chinese should stick to marrying Chinese people, Indians should do the same. Every race should be doing the same thing. That way, races will remain pure.

You know who had the same idea of creating a single pure race?


Yup, Hitler wanted the Aryan to dominate and stay pure. This man wants the Chinese race to stay pure. See the similarities?

Here’s the video, which I guarantee will get you furious.

This isn’t just racist, it’s freaking stupid. Singaporean Indians preying on Chinese ladies? What the hell is this bullshit?

Apparently Dave is racist too because he ‘preys’ on Chinese women. WTF dude?! The racist even tries to reason with Dave that it’s not only him feeling that way, it’s the general consensus among ALL Chinese.

Where the hell this racist asshole getting his logic from?

Does he even know the meaning of the word?

The racist (I’d prefer to use expletives to describe him but this is a clean website) even goes on a tirade about how white Americans don’t like Obama because he’s black. He’s not even American (I doubt he even knows where America is) but somehow, he’s very involved in the thinking of Americans.

I love that Dave slams him like the douche that he is by saying that it’s not even remotely related to him having an issue with Dave.

It’s a damn disgrace that somehow assholes like this are now getting more and more brazen at making themselves known. I really hope somebody out there who watches the video recognizes the person and outs him for the world to see.

Singapore is a multi-racial society and scum like that threatens the fragile understanding between all the races here.

Do we want to be like other countries where there’s hatred and violence towards people of a different race? Where minorities are abused, used and looked down upon?

Hell no.

That’s why it should our impetus to stamp out hard racists pricks like this every single time one dares to show his/her face.

Hopefully, the next time we heard about this asshole it’s about him being arrested for being a racist. Hell, he admitted it on video! What more proof do you need?

Chuck him in jail and throw away the damn key.

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