Numerous Muslim Ustazah Demeaned: Why Internet Anonymity Has Got To Go!

On the Internet, there’s a saying. If it exists, there’s porn of it. It’s called Rule 34. That’s why we have unsanctioned porn of gaming characters, deep (or just general) fakes of celebrities and all sorts of weird, weird fetishes online….even of nuns and Ustazah.

People fantasize about all sorts of things apparently.

I’d like to think of myself as pretty liberal, especially when it comes to politics.

If your fantasies don’t harm anybody and you keep it to yourself, go nuts. As far as I’m concerned, whatever you do is between you and the big guy on top.

There’s a limit though and it’s when it involves religion. Specifically, making religious figures into sex objects. It’s not only demeaning, it’s damn disrespectful.

It all started with this poll, which asks the reader which of the Ustazahs listed should be gangbanged. Not as in killed by a rival gang, but the other definition. Yeah, that one.


For those who aren’t familiar with the term Ustazah, it’s used to represent female religious teachers in Islam.

The poll above, which was from MeWe, totally disrespects the women, treating them simply as pieces of meat to lust after.

It doesn’t take much to see how sick this is right?

It’s damn ironic, considering the MeWe Network bills itself as network ‘built on trust, control and love.’

I understand that the network isn’t fully to blame, but they fact they did nothing while 1005 people replied to the poll is galling. That’s just as complicit as having participated!

Even worse, there are actually 1005 pieces of shit who voted for their choice.

This is a prime example why Internet anonymity has to go, at least on social media networks and message boards. It emboldens people to do crap they wouldn’t be caught dead doing if people knew who they really are.

Would the1005 who voted be so bold to do so if they knew their actions had consequences? Probably not for the majority of them.

While we can’t prevent scum like these from existing, we can deter them from ever popping up.

It’s not even a talk about privacy issues at this point.

After all, the Ustazahs in the polls all have their identities exposed so it’s fair game to have those who voted available for everybody to see.


Here’s the kicker.

The people behind this are undergraduates in Islamic Studies.

These are the very same people who will lead Singaporean Muslims in the future. Yet, these two-faced pieces of shit are as phony as a $3 note. They think that they’re safe as they’re anonymous online.

It’s damn time for the SPF (and whoever leads the local cybercrime division) to step up and bring these fools to justice, though it might be harder this go around.

While the poll itself is in very poor taste, the images and names used on it are all from public sources. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to make a case when everything’s already out here.


The morality of it is wrong, but in the eyes of the law, I don’t think any laws have been broken, or even bent.

That doesn’t mean crap though…

All it means is that our laws have to be readjusted to take into account special cases just like this! Laws are meant to safeguard the innocent, not for those guilty to hide behind and abuse!

Hopefully this will start off a chain reaction and get justice for the Ustazah affected and have those behind this sickening poll exposed for all to see.

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