Fire In the Hole: Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim Condemning Israel Has Netizens Choosing Sides.

Last week, I talked about how Singaporeans are massively divided on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. While the ceasefire is still holding, that hasn’t taken the issue out of world’s attention just yet. Nowhere is that more evident than yesterday, when Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (Minister of State) released a statement slamming Israel for its actions.

Take a look.

On first brush, it’s nothing major. It’s just a politician putting out a statement about how he feels. Hell, that’s what social media basically is these days for everybody anyways.

However, for some people, they feel that Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim has overstepped his bounds.

It’s not really surprising that many think this way.

The prevailing thought is that he’s just a Minister and statements like this can easily be misconstrued as being the official stance of the government.

Even though it’s obviously not, many are still asking whether it is.

The other inescapable elephant in the room; he’s Muslim.

Yeah, some Netizens aren’t that comfortable with a Muslim speaking up for them (remember, a Minister represents us) about issues involving the Middle East (and my relation, Muslim and Jews).

Perhaps a bit of a discrimination going on here but that’s not the point of this particular article.

After all, the Middle East is a looooooooooooooooong way from us. Why do we need to butt in with our opinions when we still have tons of our own issues to settle at home?

For what want to kaypo other people, right?

Perhaps they’re right and we should all be minding our own business…but somehow that doesn’t sit well with a segment of Netizens too.

Local Muslims, many who feel the plight of the Palestinians, are quick to gather behind the Assoc Prof and support him.

As I mentioned before in the other post, it’s nothing surprising considering most Muslims refer to Palestinians as their brothers and sisters. Considering this is a condemnation of Israel, it doesn’t really require a leap of faith to see those advocating for Palestine to rally to this banner as well.

However, there is rallying and debating in a calm rational manner and there is rabid obsession.

That doesn’t help anybody on anything.

Thankfully, there are a ton of other rational comments to read. Unfortunately, those too soon devolve to personal attacks and copy pasting of videos, articles and other media from all over the internet.

Those who side with the Minister also come from other races as well, as they view his statement more in line with their personal beliefs and that Palestine should be supported over Israel.

Don’t take it for unequivocal support though, there are as much dissenting comments from other races too. Like I said, this issue is dividing.

What’s the most interesting to me are these two accounts, from commenters who claimed to be from Israel.

Their support of Israel isn’t surprising but it’s the what’s unwritten between the lines that I found interesting.

Elharar speaks of avoiding another Holocaust, while Eugene speaks of running from bombs alongside people of other religions.

Those two points? Never brought up by any of the locally posted comments that I’ve waded through. It’s certainly something we should be considering more closely.

I think both sides have their valid points of contention and the only way to resolve this issue is hash it out. Perhaps on the diplomatic table, or via old school mano-a-mano champ fights .

I kid!

What I don’t kid about though are idiots like this trying to stir stuff up.

This person, Rich Froehlich, isn’t Singaporean.

Yet he wants to come into the fray and let his opinions be known. That’s fine, we’re all global citizens. When those points are aggressive and stupid and resort to name calling that’s where we should be drawing the line.

Then again…Rich seems to be American so that explains his behaviour.

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