Singaporeans Pissed At Government For Half-Hearted COVID-19 Measures

Just FOUR days ago, Singapore was considered as one of the best places in the world to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic. Singaporeans were happy…though complaining about everything as usual.

Sigh…just four days. Now everything’s changed.

Yesterday, the Singaporean Government unveiled a new swath of measures meant to curb the community spread of COVID-19.

Unlike last year, the people aren’t as accommodating this time.

To put it simply, netizens are pissed and they blame it all on the perceived ineptness of the government.

One of their biggest sore points; the importing of foreigners daily from high risk countries.

This is just a small sample of the comments.

I’ve been doing reading a ton of replies and I’d say 70% or so are blasting the fact that foreigners are coming in with the virus. Not from just one source too, the sentiment is pretty much the same on every post I looked at.

Singaporeans are united in condemning the allowing of flights from high risk countries and would prefer borders to those places be closed. It’s not an unreasonable ask; take a look at how many cases were imported for the last few months.

Is it unfair for citizens to request to ban entry from these places? Nope. Are we seeing it happen? Also nope.

Many Singaporeans view these import cases as the cause of the current COVID-19 resurgence and it’s really not hard to blame them. According to them, this (and the government’s lackadaisical attitude) is why we’re on the verge of a potential second circuit breaker.

Normally, there’d be cooler voices that would promote calm…but strangely enough, those are in the minority this time. In fact, looking through some Facebook responses, I found only one who talked outright about the May 30 deadline.

That alone should underscore how much anger Singaporeans have for the newest restrictions being imposed on them.

Nobody cares that May 30 might see an easing of the restriction because pretty much everybody is united in their anger at Government and their policies of not closing our borders.

It’s not going away anytime soon too…until the matter is addressed, this will likely be the cause of further flashpoints down the line.

The next sore point? Public transport.

Locals are pissed that public transports are still being filled like cattle cars despite strict measures being reinstituted in every other area.

Again, completely understandable.

COVID-19 spreads in crowds…yet buses and the MRT are in service without restrictions? How long before we get a super spreader event that originates from one?

While there’s certainly the argument to be made that public transport is essential, the fact is that measures limiting the number of passengers in them were put in place the last time and conveniently ignored this go-round.

Why? To line the pockets of the operators?

There are also certain (stupid) people of the Muslim community who feel that this is a conspiracy to put Muslims down.

As a Muslim, I’m honestly speechless to see how ignorant these people are.

Instead of thinking of the health of everybody, these people want to go out and celebrate Hari Raya because the Chinese got their Chinese New Year. How petty can you get?! Just because another group of people get to celebrate, you’re entitled to as well?

Selfish. Self-centered. These are just some of the words that describe these people. Whatever happened to doing your part for the good of everybody else?

Thankfully most Muslims aren’t as idiotic as these examples.

But at least these people are just complaining. Mostly harmless, unless they act on it.

Unlike this selfish prick.

Galaray Tan openly defies the new restrictions and goes online to brag about it. Somebody should report this guy for flouting the rules. This goes beyond inconsiderate and into the realm of endangering public safety.

Hopefully, Galaray gets what’s coming to him.

That’s also something I hope Taher gets.

You see, Taher is ignorant as hell, but wants to talk cock.

Dear Taher, perhaps you’d like to take this time to read up on what the vaccine does?

It doesn’t prevent infections, it just reduces the major effects. Please, do yourself a favour and read up before you make a fool of yourself online.

Oh wait…

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