Beow Tan Hiong: A Look At Singapore’s Most Infamous Racist

It takes a special kind of person to be a racist. I just can’t wrap my head around the thinking that you and your race is so superior to somebody else’s that you hate them. Reading news from around the world about racial violence, I always think that it’s awesome that Singapore’s not like that. That is until Beow Tan Hiong came along.

For some unfathomable reason, she hates (and I mean really HATES) Malays. Why? Nobody knows. Perhaps its from a traumatic incident in her past? Or perhaps she just irrationally hates Malays for no reason. Maybe we’ll find out soon.

Remember the post I wrote a couple of days back regarding that presumably insane woman harassing some Malay passengers on the MRT? Yup, that’s Beow Tan Hiong at work, though nobody knew her identity at the time.

Well…that’s not the case any longer.

Apparently, some internet sleuths didn’t take too kindly to the racist and decided to expose her for the world to see. We now know what she worked as (more on this later), her address…even her Youtube and Twitter accounts!

From what I’ve seen of her accounts, she is a very, very petty person. Also, she might be certifiably insane.


This is just a compilation of some of the videos from her (now deleted) Youtube Channel. All of them were titled Malays Harassing Chinese (or some variation of it).

Watched the clips? Noticed any of the alleged harassment?

Nope? That’s because it’s a damn lie.

In fact, it looks like she’s just filming random people who happen to be Malay. Nobody was even doing anything to her.

That’s not all!

On her Twitter account, there’s this delectably gonzo tweet.

She actually reached out to President Biden asking for help.

I’m actually speechless at this…What went through her demented mind to think that Biden would read (much less care) about crap that doesn’t even take place in his country.

Overinflated sense of ego much?

Oh yeah, it must be because she keeps saying she’s from Hwa Chong. Obviously that carries a lot of weight internationally. /sarcasm

It seems like her employers also agree…because as of right now, she’s now unemployed.


On top of that (oh yes, it does get better), Beow Tan Hiong’s CEA license (basically her property agent license) has presumably also been revoked because she’s now unlisted on CEA’s website.

Oops…seems like being an evil person does have its drawbacks, eh?

Of course, Beow Tan Hiong could always get another job.

Perhaps at McDonald’s as a cleaner? Though I doubt the fast food chain would want to be associated with her. Maybe get a job dealing with human waste? She’d be right at home! Maybe she can make use of SGUnited…though how does one upgrade one’s racist tendencies?

There’s another juicy bit that I haven’t revealed about our infamous racist.

She was censured and warned for her behavior before!

Just a little under 3 years ago in fact! It just goes to show that this isn’t just a recent a racism kick for Tan. She’s been this way since at least 2018 and nothing’s been done to her.

Well…that’s no longer the case.

According to CNA, the police are now involved yet again.

You’d have figured after all this, she’d have learned her lesson. Or at the very least lie low.

That’s what normal, logical people would do. Why stir up more shit when you’re in trouble with the law right?

When has Beow Tan Hiong ever acted logical?

She’s unrepentant. That’s posted on her Twitter account today! She seems to relish the fact that she’s now infamous.

Holy shit! It’s like she’s taunting the SPF and our judicial system to punish her.

I really hope this racist gets her just desserts. The SPF needs to show that there is ZERO tolerance for people like this. It’s time to walk the walk guys.

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