Hajar Maimunah Restaurant Manager Admitted He Firebombed Ex-Wife’s House.

How petty do you have to be that you’d go and try to set fire to somebody’s house…while they were inside? No idea? Well…maybe you should ask Ismail Didih Ibrahim, who is the manager and son of the people behind Hajah Maimunah.

He’s done it before!

The malicious man went to his ex-wife’s house last year (breaking the Circuit Breaker rules in effect at the time), made molotovs and then chucked them at the domicile. According to him, it was a revenge act.

Even better, he tried to cover up his cowardly tracks by wearing a raincoat and spraying the universal tailong calling card (O$P$) on one of the property’s walls.

Hajah Maimunah
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Thankfully, the SPF isn’t as incompetent as Ismail thought and he was identified and caught.

Hey bro, if you’re hard up enough to try to murder somebody, at the least be a man and don’t try to pin the blame on other people or wear a raincoat. Well…at least he wasn’t this level of stupid.

Luckily, the cowardly act was caught on CCTV, which definitely helped in getting him arrested.

Unfortunately, he’s only been charged with committing a mischievous act of using fire or explosives with intent to cause damage and breaking the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker law.

Seriously? Mischievous act? What is he, a teenager?

It’s worse when you consider that the occupants of the house (including his ex-wife) weren’t aware that somebody was chucking firebombs at the house. What if the fire ignited something or hit something really inflammable?

It was only due to a neighbour (who also helped to put out the flames), that the people inside were made aware of the danger they were in. It’s estimated that about SG$6000 worth of damage was caused before the fire was extinguished.

Perhaps seeking to make amends, Ismail has paid SG$5000 to his wife and SG$3000 to three different charities. Why bro? It’s too late! You can give money to a hundred charities and it wouldn’t make a different to what you did.

Out on SG$20,000 bail right now, Ismail will be charged in court on June 21. No word if Hajah Maimunah will be supplying food at the event.

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