‘Hwa Chong’ Racist/Insane Lady Is Recognized By Netizens.

It’s never OK to be racist…but it seems like the more I talk about it, the more racist incidents keep popping up! What the hell is this? The universe fighting back?! Also, what does Hwa Chong have anything to do with it?

By now, everybody’s probably heard of the woman ranting and raving on the MRT about Malays right? You know…this bugger.

Here’s the kicker…apparently, this isn’t the first time the woman has gone batshit insane. According to comments on this Reddit post, the woman is constantly doing stupid stuff like this!

I wonder, what does it take for somebody to want to devote their time and energy into doing something like this? Is it a convoluted cry for help? Attention seeking? Or is she just bored? Why the need to point out she’s from Hwa Chong?! That’s a damn weird (and stupid) flex.

It takes a special kind of person to say to themselves, “Hey…I want to go out in public and be a damn nuisance today! Seems like a fun thing to do to pass the time!”.

By special, I of course mean batshit crazy. Loco. Gila. Siao.

Let’s face it, there’s zero way she’s not mentally unsound, not from the way she acts. No no no, I’m not denying she’s a racist asshole too. Being insane in the brain isn’t doesn’t mean she’s not racist. Her comments already show that.

I honestly wish that somebody had taken her up on her threat to call the police. I would love nothing more than to see how they handle somebody who’s obviously a threat to Singapore’s racial harmony.

Oh…here are some chilling little nuggets I gleamed from the Reddit thread.

Seems like Yoda was right on the money.

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