Malay Tutor Faces Discrimination For Being a Malay Tutor.

The Malay people are lazy and stupid. Just like Chinese people have slits for eyes and eat dogs. Or how Indians are stinky because they never bathe and love curry. Those are the racial stereotypes right? If you’re still thinking along these lines, damn bro…you need to get your world view checked because it is racist and discriminatory.

Apparently (and sadly), there are still a ton of people thinking like this.

Here’s a post I’d like to highlight.

This long post is all due to this borderline racist message he got.

Come on, this isn’t OK.

Not in the very least.

Thankfully, most people commenting agree on this simple fact.

The tutoring agent (who I assume Sharyl is talking to) doesn’t even try.

If a parent asks what your tutor’s race is, isn’t it your duty as an employer to ask in return why that matters? You might be an agent, but that doesn’t mean you let racist crap like that slide. You’re representing the tutors, it’s your damn duty to represent their ability, not their race!

Couching it in a backpedal by saying if it’s not comfortable to share it’s fine isn’t the answer.

We’re not stupid. If Sharyl doesn’t answer, I guarantee you he’ll not be hearing back from these people (no matter what the agent says).

Then again, maybe that’s a plus.

Would you willingly work for racists?

Before you think this is an isolated incident, here’s proof that it’s not.

Of course, no matter what you’re talking about, there’s always that person who comes in and tries to make it about politics.

What the hell does racism and discrimination have to do with politics? Unless, you’re living in Nazi Germany of course. In this case though? What’s the damn point?

Definitely not this.

Weixin doesn’t seem to grasp that this isn’t about preference.

A Chinese or Indian tutor might be as good or as bad as Malay tutor.

Race doesn’t factor in at all.

When you’re asking about race, you’re making a conscious decision that a person of a certain race is simply inferior to that of another, no matter the background or experience.

How is that preference?

Her landlord example doesn’t even hold water. If a landlord does that, that too is racism!

That’s the damn point.

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