Nothing Good Comes From India…Including Their Scams.

India is a shithole of a country. We don’t even need to talk about CECA. Just focus on the other things about the country. It’s filled with crime, a repressive culture that victimizes women, a liar who tried to steal one of our National Day songs and is probably the source of 90% of all telephone scams.

Ask yourself this, have you ever heard a telephone scammer that’s not Indian?

Now it seems there’s another scam to add to the list of Indian atrocities.


SGH themselves posted this on their Facebook page, warning people of the scam that’s being going on in India.

Hot damn!

That’s the laziest piece of writing I’ve seen since I’ve watched the latter seasons of Supernatural!

It’s like the idiots who did that couldn’t even be bothered! That’s Secondary School level of Microsoft Word mastery.

Not only is the grammar atrocious, the address is wrong and the logo isn’t even aligned (and disproportionate) with the header!

For those wondering, this is SGH’s real address…which took me less than a minute to find via Google.

How lazy do you have to be that you can’t even do that right?

It’s sad that there are fools who are preying on the poor and desperate masses in India. I’ve no doubt that some desperate jobseekers will fall for this scam.

If you know people in India or have friends there, you might want to update them on this so they don’t fall for it.

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