5 Fasting Tips For An Easier Ramadan.

Fasting is tough. It’s a fact; the human body isn’t meant to go for long periods of time without food or water. Ironically, that’s exactly what fasting is. Still, some people take to it like a fish to water. Others, a ton of trouble. For those in trouble, here are 5 fasting tips to help get you through the day.

Drink Lots of Water Before Fasting.

It might seem like a basic piece of advice but it still needs repeating.

Our body is mainly made up of water and fasting drains a ton of it without you being able to replenish it in a timely manner.

That’s why you should drink as much plain water as possible when you’re not fasting. Making sure your body is properly hydrated will help you ward off a ton of issues stemming from a lack of water. Headaches are the most common, but it can also help you stave off heatstroke if you’re out and about.

That’s one of the most dangerous effects from a lack of water, due to profuse sweating. Overheating is bad for your body, which is why you sweat. Without water, you can’t sweat and your body overheats which can damage your organs and even kill you.

If you’re drinking a ton of water and still get dehydrated or heatstroke, you might want to consult a doctor because you might have a condition known as chronic dehydration.


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It’s recommended that adults sleep for 7-8 hours a day.

That might not be possible if you sleep late and then wake up in the early morning to eat before starting to fast. That’s why you should take naps whenever you can, even if you’re working.

Sleeping during lunchtime not only moves the time forward, it also allows your body to replenish lost sleep, use conserve energy and refocuses your mind. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to continue the grind till break fast time.

If you’re not able to zonk out at your desk at work, drop by a Golden Village cinema or other quiet place (such as a library). Aim to get at least 45 minutes of napping in (the best is 90 mins) to wake up in the best condition possible.

Focus on your hobbies.

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Nothing makes time fly faster than doing what you enjoy. The fact is time flies when you’re having fun. It’s not just a saying, it’s the truth.

While this advice might not be practical during the weekdays, it’s applicable during weekends! You don’t need to spend every week going out. Stay in, rest up and give yourself some alone time with your favourite hobby.

Play a game, read a book (maybe not a cookbook though) or binge stuff on Netflix or Disney+. If you enjoy it, do it. The hours will just vanish as you’re engrossed in your hobby.

Bonus points if your hobby is sleeping! That kills two birds with one stone!

Don’t overeat.

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I get it, you’re hungry and will devour anything you can see as soon as it’s time to break fast. It’s hard to resist, but it’s definitely in your best interest to do so.

In a sense, overeating seems logical. You missed breakfast and lunch (and maybe tea break) so eating more than you usually do when you break fast won’t do any harm at all. Unfortunately, that’s not how our bodies work.

The one thing to remember is that between all the meals in the day is the passage of time. You eat breakfast, time passes…then you eat lunch. Same for every other meal.

When you overeat and stuff yourself all at once, your body needs to compensate for all the extra food, making it work harder to digest. That means energy is used up, which in turn, makes you feel sluggish and sleepy.

While I did mention that sleep is earlier as one of the fasting tips, sleeping off an overeating session isn’t advisable as it’ll lead to other problems (like a stomachache or heartburn). Plus, it’ll also give you a tummy and make you fat!

Exercise in moderation.

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While might seem contrary to the one of the earlier fasting tips on staying hydrated, exercising in moderation while fasting is actually a good way to burn off fat faster than you’d normally would.

Still, it’s not advisable to do your regular (not fasting) routine. Your body might not be able to handle the strain. Instead, do light exercises such as brisk walking on the treadmill (enough to build up a sweat but not enough to make you seem like you’ve just been showering).

One really important point to have in mind; be prepared to break your fast if you really don’t think you can handle waiting. If you’re dehydrated from exercising too much, don’t hold out.

DRINK WATER or you’re literally risking your life for no good reason.

Happy Ramadan!

Hopefully these 5 fasting tips will help your fasting. Remember, it’s ok to not fast everyday if you don’t think you can. If you’re sick, don’t fast too. It’ll just make you feel worse and recover slower.

Most of all, think of your health during the fasting month and only make sure you do what you can do, not what other people are doing.

Everybody has different limits and it’s no shame to break fast or skip fasting if you’re not healthy or able to do it.

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