67-Year-Old Community Cat Feeder Needs YOUR Donations.

As a cat lover, it breaks my heart to see strays. If it was up to me, I’d be picking up and bringing home every single cat I see. I can’t though…which is why I have immense respect for every community cat feeder.

These people take time off their lives just to feed all the kitties that don’t have a forever home. They use their own money to buy food for the cats, vet visits and more…yet ask for nothing in return.

Some of them work jobs with incredibly low pay, yet still find it within themselves to spend the money on the cats.

If angels exist, community cat feeders are definitely them.

That’s why when I came across the news that a cat feeder is looking for donations so she can keep on doing what she does, I knew I had to raise awareness for her.

I implore you to find it within yourself to try to donate to this cat feeder and others like her.

This is the post, taken from Cats & Kittens Of Singapore’s Facebook page.

cat feeder

The auntie works as a cleaner yet still spends her meagre income on the kitties. You don’t need to give a lot, as even a little bit helps. In fact, if you have spare cat food, you can even donate them personally to her!

It doesn’t take a lot to help and anything you can do with make a whole lot of difference to the auntie.

In fact, if you’re a Muslim, why not donate some of your saved cash since it’s Ramadan? It’s for a good cause and you probably have extra cash since you’re skipping lunch for the month! It’s win win no matter how you look at it.

Even if you don’t (or can’t) donate, at least spread the word so that more people will be aware of this.

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