Calvin Cheng (Ex-NMP) Bemoans Quality of Current Local Politicians.

Calvin Cheng is an ex-NMP, entrepreneur and well educated guy.

Nowadays, he just runs a blog (amongst other things) and talks about a whole of stuff, some controversial…some not. All are worth thinking and mulling over.

Just like Calvin’s latest post on his Facebook page.

Calvin Cheng

Pretty fiery words, don’t you think?

There’ll definitely be people who’ll swear up and down that Calvin’s wrong, springing to defend their favored politician.

But deep down, maybe Calvin has a point.

During the LKY era, people were undeniably picked for their skills. It’s probably the purest era of politics in Singapore’s history, where only those with the skills to lead are leading. Meritocracy at its finest.

Calvin Cheng is saying that it’s not really the case now, especially after last year’s disastrous election results for the PAP.

He doesn’t say it explicitly, but it’s pretty clear the message that’s between the lines; the PAP’s coasting off past successes isn’t going to cut it no more. They’re going to need people that can not only walk the walk, but also talk the talk. Somebody (or a whole group of somebodies)to show the people he or she is one of them, yet can lead by example.

Without that, the PAP’s days may be numbered as voters are swayed by the rhetoric of other political parties and their politicians.

We’ll certainly find out whether Calvin’s post is accurate in the next few elections.

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