Tudung For Nurses Issue Comments Shows The Cracks In Singapore’s Racial Harmony.

We’ve talked about the tudung issue again and again and again.

That’s because the government seems to be dragging their feet about making a decision one way or another. With PM Lee’s comments on Saturday fresh on everybody’s mind (where he said that a decision could possibly be made at this year’s National Day Rally in AUGUST), it’s a wonder people aren’t complaining.

Oh wait…they are!

The Internet is abuzz with comments from every which way.

It’s the usual noise…at the very basic level, we have those who are want the ruling allowing nurses to wear the tudung.

This faction seems to attract the more liberal Netizens. Those who view a person through one’s actions, not what one wears. Take a look at the comments they’re all saying the same thing…basically. The tudung is a non-issue, Muslim nurses should be given the option and that respect for all races is crucial.

One even tries to psychoanalyze the naysayers.

Whether Harald is right or wrong, I have no idea. I’m just a lowly writer and psychology is way out of my field of expertise.

Of course, when there are people for something, there are also have those who say no.

These people (even if you disagree with either group), just talk about whether they’re for or against the idea. Logical discussion, with plenty of varied reasons.

Some are concerned that by allowing nurses to wear the tudung as an option, it’ll open the floodgates to other currently prohibited services.

That’s actually something I’d actually love to see addressed; whether Muslims are actually thinking the same thing or whether the tudung issue is where the line is drawn.

For Khai Rudy though, the tudung issue is where it all ends. No need for more.

Out of the many, many comments there’s one that particularly strikes me as a damn good idea.

Why NOT use Singpass to set up a polling service so that citizens can vote on hotbed issues such as this? The tudung issue is just one of many that citizens need to be consulted on, so why not leverage tech to do?

There are a some people though, who wonder how this whole thing all started in the first place…

It’s nothing a little research won’t fix but also highlights that some of the people might not be aware of the initial reasons why the tudung was disallowed in the first place. Perhaps a reeducation campaign by both the government and the Muslim community can help enlighten (and maybe gain the support) of those who are of like mind?

Agree or disagree or even question the reasons why…the discourse is mostly civil and logical.

Unfortunately, there’s a small percentage that isn’t and this is what pisses me off.

What’s surprising for me (and I really want to highlight this as I’ve been reading hundreds of comments regarding this issue) is that there are diehard bigots and racists out there in Singapore.

Racists like Max Tan.

Here is Max eloquently stating that he prefers non-Mulsim women to take care of him. Not Muslim, it’s Mulsim. Typo aside, Max got his ass burned right off the bat with Aryn Frds’ reply.

I have to admit, I got a hearty chuckle out of that.

Sick burn? Check! Smart ass reply? Check!

Now, most people with sense would’ve shut the hell up. Racists and bigots aren’t sensible…they wouldn’t be either if they were.

Max is a great example of that.

He vigorously defends his stupidity.

Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you, one of the greatest (non)thinkers of our time!

Personally, I wouldn’t go down the IQ route if I couldn’t even respond coherently or with decent grammar. But you do you, Max! Stellar penmanship right there. Witty repartees, all of them.

Max isn’t the only racist/bigot waving the hate flag. Here’s another.

Guan Ru is a Chinese Supremacist and a diehard supporter of China and its heinous acts.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine, but do yourself a favour and click on Guan Ru’s profile and take a look at his/her wall and then tell me I’m wrong.

At the very least, Max is Singaporean (I think).

Guan Ru is seems to love the PRC so much that I doubt he/she is. Considering China’s love of meddling with other nations, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out that Guan Ru is a plant to stir up trouble.

Still, I’m honestly disappointed that there are people like Max Tan and Guan Ru living in Singapore right now. Seriously.

Racists and bigots aside, the tudung issue seems to be an issue that’s as polarizing as ever. Until the government gives its answer, it’ll continue to be.

Are we overthinking things though?

The more I ponder, the more it seems to me that this dude is completely right.

Perfectly sums things up.

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